How are you frugal on a daily basis?

Spokane Valley, WA(Zone 5b)

I'm curious how the rest of you try to save money at home. This is in addition to those garage sales we frequent and the freebies we find ourselves stumbling upon as we use our keen eyes to look around. :) You know, those things we do on a daily basis to reduce living expenses!

A few of the things we've done this season are:

1. Obtain a large capacity thermos (carafe, if you will) for our coffee.

Yes, we're coffee addicts and typically go through 2 pots a day. The major bonuses are that we minimize any extra heat in the kitchen (especially in summertime when we're running the air conditioner!) and that the coffee doesn't become stronger throughout the day due to evaporation. We make a pot, immediately pour it into the thermos, and are also then done with electricity to keep it warm until it's time for the next pot.

2. Build a compost pile. (Duh!)

Okay, my better half already had a good one going when I showed up, but it unfortunately had also tended to attract trash over time, and thus was unusable for mulch as is. After reading up a bit, I found a site where we could easily make compost bins from old pallets (which we could find for free from the local warehouse district), so we picked some up, wired them together, sifted through the unruly pile and then transferred the good part into a now trash-free, organized one.

Once we had a 'real' compost pile, I began saving at least one day's worth of trash (through veggie trimmings and coffee grounds) each week from having it hauled off... benefitting both next year's garden and our current trash bill 'cause we can fill out the trash bin with any other non-compost materials that we accumulate.

3. Recycle, Recycle, Recycle!

This was also in effect long before I moved in *smile*; it just became more methodical. We do a lot of scrapping of iron and steel and such due to my love's work, and always recycled aluminum cans... but we've now set aside a recycling bin for glass and tin cans and such that the local recycling center accepts but doesn't necessarily pay cash for. When we make a 'money run', we drop those items off as well, once again reducing our trash bill *AND* cleaning up our landfills. :)

So what do ya'll do? I can't wait to see the great ideas you have!


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