My XMas Cactus is rooting! Now what?

(Zone 4b)

I'm sure that they're rooting, because I dropped the pot last night, and they didn't budge. YAY!! I'm so excited! This is my first attempt at propagating cacti! I've had wonderous results with jade, but wowy kadowy! A CACTUS!

But now what? Does anyone have any idea what the care for a newborn wee lil' Christmas Cactus baby should be? How long should I wait before I start watering it regularly? Should I add some rooting hormone or Cactus/Succulent fertilizer to the watering regime so early in the game? Should I be moving them into more direct sun - or as direct as I can get it in this dimly-lit student apartment?

Break out the cigars!
I'm a first time cactus mommy!

They are a reasonable tolerant plant... did I just say that? I have had one nearly 20 years and only have gotten it to bloom in the last four. It also falls apart at least once every two years and drops sections EVERYWHERE!

Congrats on the new babes, and now you see how easy it can be. Anytime yours has a fit and does the dropping thing, take any piece with three sections or more and try rooting them. If you always propogate a plant you double your chances of success (especially when just learning about a plants likes and dis's).

They like bright light but will 'burn' or color up if exposed too quickly or to too much sun. Some people like the reddish coloring and it hurts nothing, but other folks like the bright green and keep them out of direct sun. They like to stay moist but not wet, fine line to walk. Speaking of, I would start misting your babies now.

Somewhere I have a good link for a 'holiday plant guide'. I will come back and post again when I find it... my computer is about as disorganized as my house, how discouraging. Too much time in the garden!


Found it!

Good luck with all the little guys!


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