Coleus, Painted Nettle 'Redcoat' (Solenostemon scutellarioides)

(Judith) Denver, CO(Zone 5b)

Hey Ric! We both posted coleus photos on the same day. I love your Painted Nettle. How big does it get? Next year I want to get a lot of coleus since it does so well on my balcony. I'm looking forward to Stained Glass and a red one you had last year, can't remember what it was.

Cincinnati, OH(Zone 6b)

Hey Judith!

I have 24 named ones now plus 13 UNK's.
I will be sure to start cuttings for you this Winter.

The red one was probably 'Religous Radish'.
The only one we lost this Winter.

I'm still looking for a replacement.

I'm not sure about the final size of 'Red Coat' .
I just started w/ it a few weeks ago.
From the style and shape I'd say probably 24" tops.


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