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North Coast NSW, Australia(Zone 7b)

Hi All , notice a few people use "screen capture" progs . I am currently looking at Snagit 7 and Mr Captor 2.81 . What are you using ???? Pros and Cons please,
Holty in OZ.

Manhattan Beach, CA(Zone 11)

Just press the 'Print Screen' key and then paste it (Ctrl V) into 'MS Paint' or your favored picture editing progam.
No Cons there.

(Zone 6a)

I use an old version of HyperSnap. Works very well, easy to use and is a very small program.

Newark, OH(Zone 5b)

Irfanview has a neat screen capture utility which will let you press a keyboard combination to manually do screen captures. You can also set it to do them automatically, specifying the interval at which you'd like them done. You can have it save the screen captures as files in the file format and directory of your choice.

Download it at and be sure to download and install the plug-in's for it. Then, check out OPTIONS > CAPTURE/SCREENSHOT

Here is what the help file says, and below is a screen print I did of the dialogue box mentioned.

Capture - Area:
Use the option buttons to capture from your Whole screen, a Foreground window, or a Foreground window - client area (window without caption, menu and status bar).

Capture - Method:
You can capture with a self-defined hotkey or use the automatic capturing. For automatic capturing set a timer value. The value will be the number of seconds apart the viewer will take "snapshots" of the screen or window. One hotkey is valid for the duration of current IrfanView session.

Saving - Method:
You can display each captured image in the main window or you can save to disk.
If you use save to disk, you can set Destination directory for images. Type in a directory path, or use the Browse button to find the directory you want to use.

The Save as box lets you choose which image format will be used to store the screens on your disk drive. Click the arrow and select one of the formats to change from the default JPG. The Options button brings up another dialog box with special options for certain file types.

Capture - Options:
If you want to see the mouse cursor in your screenshot image, check Include mouse cursor option.

Click Start to start capturing or Cancel to exit. After start, IrfanView window is minimized. Now, use the defined hotkey (if hotkey capturing used) to capture any foreground/activated window or desktop. You can make several shots using the hotkey.

Note: Click Options, then Capture again to stop any eventually started capture timer.


For a free program, Irfanview does a lot!

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North Coast NSW, Australia(Zone 7b)

Thanks for the "early" replies. I have played with Infranview and it has a lot going for it but need to be able to capture a whole page (scrolled) . I.E a full webpage. Am downloading HyperSnap demo now.
Again thanks ,

Newark, OH(Zone 5b)

Ah, thanks for the clarification there. I didn't realize you needed a whole window capture. I know I've seen a free program that does this, but the brain fails. The birds are going to start singing here before long - a sure sign I've stayed up a wee bit too late! I'll try to remember to look for that program tomorrow, Holty. G'day, mate!

(Zone 6a)

Adobe Acrobat (the paid for version) will scroll to copy an entire web page...but it's not really a 'screen capture'. It converts it into a PDF file.

Also, HyperSnap allows me to select only the area I want to capture (you drag your mouse to highlight the area), the entire screen or a certain window.

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Newark, OH(Zone 5b)

This one looks interesting (not free, $29.95):

Okay, I really am going to bed now. I hear the cardinals and robins...And it's getting light out. I'm mellllting......

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San Diego, CA(Zone 10a)

Snagit is a very good program. Try and do a search on screen capture. It will then give you 100s of screen capture programs, most are shareware, but you can buy the registered version instead of 15 or 30 days trials. I usually try this site first if I want a program to use, then I download the program I want and use it, if I like it I buy the full version. If you go to a computer store and bought their software, sometimes it is not really what you want and now you are stuck with it. At TUCOWS they have shareware versions you can try first before you buy it and the selection sometimes are too many. Hopefully this helped!

Tygh Valley, OR(Zone 6a)

SnagIt is a great program!

North Coast NSW, Australia(Zone 7b)

Thanks for all the replies . Snagit looks the goods.
Are we all watching the Olympics ?
Holty in OZ.

Tygh Valley, OR(Zone 6a)

I just found a great free one... AWsnap

Just took it for a quick test drive, works great. Good name too, it was a snap =)
screenshot attached...


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North Coast NSW, Australia(Zone 7b)

Thanks Oregonics ,
I will test it now .

Holty in Woodburn (Pacific Hwy) OZ . I know there is a Woodburn on the Pacific Hwy in Oregon , anywhere near you ?

Have it loaded and while I dont think it will capture complete web pages it is very good and simple. It goes to show as is often the case MORE is not always better.

Again thanks

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Walkerton, VA(Zone 7a)

Holty, I use Snagit to create input for technical manuals. It's great piece of software.

Tygh Valley, OR(Zone 6a)

Hi holty =)

I apologize, I know you were trying to capture the complete webpage, not just whats viewable.
I swore it did?
At 1600x1200, most websites display without scrolling & must have been the case when I tested?

Snagit is top of the line! ;)

& Yes, there is a Woodburn not too far from me. Lots of agriculture there & all thruout the Willamette valley. Its right on I-5 (the big North-South interstate out west that runs from Canada to Mexico.
I go thru it on my way to the coast, its my backroad route around the big city & traffic. =)

Theres a Woodburn in Oz aye?

New-York, United States

interesting info, as for me on mac I like to use Macvide ScreenCap

Fremont, CA(Zone 9a)

Surprisingly this is one thing that MS got right with Vista. Accessories: Snipping Tool.

It is in Windows Experience Pack for XP. indicates it is for Tablet PC, but links seem to indicate it will work with any XP.

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