Hardy geranium blooming combinations?

Cincinnati (Anderson, OH(Zone 6a)

I am rejuvenating a fairly sunny terrraced border and I would like to include a couple of hardy geraniums that will bloom together and complement each other in color, form and bloom time. I already have 'Claridge Druce', 'Splish Splash' and 'Karmina Bio,,,(?)' in the border. Are there geranium 'partners' to one or the other of these geraniums that would improve the display?

For example, my 'Splish splash' looks pale and washed out, and if I could find a lavender co-bloomer to put near it, it might 'punch' it up a little.

Also, I saw 'Rozanne' at the nursery yesterday and it looks like a good candidate for easy care/long blooming time, however, does anyone know of a geranium complement for it? (Although it didn't look 'blue' to me as a catalog described it).

If not a hardy geranium, what else do you recommend planting with those in the border already?

As you can probably tell, I am new to h. g.'s and also an inexperienced gardener, so I appreciate all the thoughts you might have. Thanks.

South of Winnipeg, MB(Zone 3a)

Could you find something in a soft yellow, cream or white? Some hostas and geraniums are compatable if their light requrements can be met. Siberian and that type of irises can be nice. Daylilies, such as Happy Returns, Hyperion, Atlas, Double River Wye are all softer yellows that I have. Mostly I use my geraniums as fill in plants, not so much as the feature, but sometimes it's hard to tell because they are so pretty. I like the blue-lavender ones with pink flowering plants too.

Cincinnati (Anderson, OH(Zone 6a)

MB, thank you for the siberian iris idea. I went out today and found several to add--also found liriope variegata which I think will be a nice combination. There are some creamy yellow day lilies growing in another part of the yard that are ready to divide and will fit in nicely, too. I am glad you answered my query--I think your ideas will make a nice part shade/sun garden--very elegant. When I get it together, I will post a pic. Thanks again. T.

South of Winnipeg, MB(Zone 3a)

You are more than welcome. Combining the plants is the most fun.

Cincinnati (Anderson, OH(Zone 6a)

Hi, again, echoes,

I looked up Siberian Iris on the PDB and saw your picture of Caesar's Brother in your garden (also the Poppies, gorgeous). Your garden must be wonderful. I couldn't find other pictures of it, though, other than the very pretty one under a snow blanket. Do you have others posted? I would like to see some of your plant combinations if possible. Thanks again. T.

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