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Paxton, FL(Zone 8a)

My brug came out with huge leaves and a cluster of tiny ones at the base of the leaves but on the stem. I broke off a lot of the lower large ones hoping it would bush out more. Is this an okay thing to do and should I do it all the way to the top? It does have one bloom pod on it right now so perhaps it's too late. The smaller leaves haven't grown very much and I did it several weeks ago. Guess I should have asked before I did it. Oh well....


I often take the larger leaves off when a Brugmansia is growing too tall to induce it to bush out more. Some hybrids are bushier than others naturally, but it helps a bit with most any hybrid. My suggestion, don't take all of the big leaves off of the top just yet, leave a few, but pull 2 or so off each week once you have it down to 10 large leaves at the top. The large leaves help pull water up through to the top and removing all of them will hinder this and possibly kill the plant back a bit if it is very tall. The leaves and flowers fall of in the summer time with Brugmansia grown in full sun that aren't watered enough as it is, taking cuttings exasperates that condition and is one of the only ways I have killed a fully rooted Brugmansia over 6 ft tall in the ground. Hope that helps you Gingerlilly,

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