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Spikenard - fun for the whole family...

(Zone 4b)

Hi y'all!
I'm new to the herbs forum here at Dave's Garden, but I figured if anyone can help me, it would be you!

I'm really interested in cultivating Spikenard (latin: Nardostachys Jatamansi). I have the essential oil (it's the oil mentioned in the Songs of Solomon, and is the oil which was broken over the feet of Jesus - very mysterious and exotic, dank and wonderful!) but I would like to cultivate the plant. Does anyone have any idea whether or not I would be able to do this indoors? I live in New Brunswick (Eastern Canada), so growing it outside is out of the question. But I'm *hoping* that I can mirror the climate of the Middle East in some remote corner of the apartment, and grow my own Spikenard plants.

Do any of you know anything at all about Spikenard - how it grows, where I could get a plant (or even seeds, for that matter), whether or not it can be grown indoors? I've tried searching the net, but nada. I've only found stuff on the oil.

Thanks guys!

Selah, WA(Zone 6a)

Ritchers has a spikenard-aralia racemosa.

Horizon herbs has spikenard roots and seeds and they are aralia californica from the araliaceae family.

Well-Sweep herb farm has Spikenard-aralia racemosa plants

Hope this helps. Didn't find anything that had Nardostachys
Jatamansi in it. If you ever come a cross some seeds I love to trade with you.

Penny "onecent"

(Zone 4b)

Hey Penny! Thanks for the info! Have you ever heard of anyone growing Spikenard indoors? If I am able to get the seeds, I'll certainly let you know.


Venice, CA


I am trying to do what you say YOU were trying to do a couple of years ago...

I DID acquire N. jatamansi from B & T World Seeds, a British company based in France.

They have the MOST spectacular list of species you could hope for (40K entries in their catalog!!)

I planted the seeds indoors about three weeks ago. They
germinated well, but ALL of them have died...I don't know
if they damped-off or if I have some bug on my windowsill!
There is a clean cut in the stem, close to the soil; but NO sign of rot...

I'm going to try again, and will let you know the result.


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