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Life in an apartment building - how BLAH! I love lots of bright colour and I can't paint my walls! I've come up with some great ideas to infuse colour into the place: bright n' happy yellow curtains that I painted with butterflies for the kitchen, buying unfinished wooden shelving units (they're SO cheap!)and staining them with colourful wood stains, throw rugs, big bright prints, slip covers for the couch - I'm even making a new lampshade out of bright beads for a funky lamp/endtable I bought at the Salvation Army in Montreal over Christmas! But our living room is HUGE, and the white walls just dominate the place, and make it seem so cold, when what I want is Mexico-warm. I love orangy-terra cotta, yellow, soft turquoise, rusty reds - in short, anything that reminds me of cacti, guacamole, and tequila :)

Does anyone have any ideas on how I can creatively (and cheaply!) infuse some colour into the room without painting the walls?

Thanks guys!

(Zone 4b)

Answering my own post - now here's a girl who loves to hear herself talk :)

BUT... I did think of a marvelous way of adding colour to a so-bland decor last night, and wanted to share it in case there's anyone else out there in electroland who has the same problem I do.

I had this horrible "angel" cherubby gold tinted clock thingy that an ex-roomate had left behind. The thing was hideous. So I broke the (plastic - ugg) thing apart with my trusty hammer, and afixed the clock mechanism to an old painting I'd done of a sunset desert scene. MARVELOUS! I'm in the process right now of sanding down an old picture frame that's about 2 inches too big for the painting, and I'm going to paint that a funky terra cotta/orange shade. Add a sandy yellow painted cardboard do-it-yourself matting (which I'm thinking of attaching slightly askew to the wall itself, so it's edges hang outside the edges of the picture frame, and I've got a big, beautiful, colourful clock for my living room. Soooo fishy!

The best part of the process, I think, was smashing that ugly clock with my hammer! Gold tinted plastic cherubs indeed!


You could easily use liquid starch and fabric to cover the walls - just pic out a fabric you like, use the liquid starch to attach it to the walls, and when you leave, you just pull it right off - no mess, no harm to the paint underneath.

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The liquid starch itself acts as the glue?

That would be FABULOUS! There's a Fabricville right across the street, with a big honkin' sale going on RIGHT NOW!


Scotia, CA(Zone 9b)

pisces, The starch will paste the fabric to the walls. When you need to take it down you will just need to wash the residue off. I lived in an apartment years ago and had the same problem with white walls. I used fabric in 2 rooms and in the Living room we stapled rolls of split bamboo fencing up and created a garden room. When it came time to move we pulled the staples and finger puttied the small holes.

Newnan, GA(Zone 8a)

You can buy a 4' by 8' sheet of plywood. Do a simple painting, you can do it, even if you think you can't. Then cut it into 3 pieces, the largest being the center piece with 2 equals on the sides. Put on the wall, and it makes a much better statement than a smaller painting. It can be abstract, there are tons of online places that give faux finishes and even one of those would be great.

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Great idea TiG! Thanks! I love doing funky creative stuff, even though I'm a horrible artist! I'm doing it!!!

Cordova, MD

I also know of someone who got some picket fencing- not too tall- but tall enough to make an impact and painted it bright colors!
She then fashioned her own "garden"- don't remember how she made her flowers- and a birght sun in the corner! And what a livng room she had!!!
In the winter- she even put "snow" on it all!

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Wow! Another great idea! I'm moving at the end of August, and I know just how I'm going to make my brand new place uniquely mine, and wonderfully "Mexico"!

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Pisces you can use wall paper but just don't wet it. I used the doulbe sided tape and taped the center and the corners. All I had to do is remove the tape, if you use painters tape it won't leave any thing stick on the walls.

Louisville, KY(Zone 6a)

I had thought of the Fabric as well, thanks for the tidbit about the starch!

Lexington, KY(Zone 6A)

Another idea for a large color impact is to buy artist canvas.
Stretch the canvas on a frame, paint it the color of choice and then use rubber stamps to make a design (leaves or flowers or whatever you desire)

Crossville, TN

Shades of Martha Stewart! We have a whole room full of artistic people here. Have you thought about using clay pots as shades on hang down over a bar, or a kitchen alcove? Jo

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