Pakalana Vine (Telosma cordata)

Ventura, United States(Zone 10b)

Pakalana Vine
Telosma cordata

Telosma in bloom.

Thumbnail by Clare_CA
San Diego, CA

Clare...I am new to the Dave's Garden, but I am so impressed with the variety of plants that you have collected! Congratulations...

I live in Kearny Mesa, within but just North of the City of San Diego...the climate is very temperate, but I don't know enough about Zones or plant genus or family names yet to communicate intelligibly with you, but I'm a quick study...

My main interest at the moment is to grow Pakalana in San Diego...Do you know of anyone locally who has been as successful as you?...If so, could you put me in touch with them?...My father and mother were originally from Hawaii, and settled here in 1946...My dad had the magic "Green Thumb", and grew everything from the islands in our back yard in Spring Valley, including Pakalana...

I would like to get some cuttings or seeds, but have not had much luck locating any locally, and have not had much succes talking with the nurseries in Hawaii...Apparently, there is a ban on sending these items to the Mainland...Can you help?...I would gladly pay for the trouble...Please advise.

Mahalo...Francis Todd (619) 379-1226

Ventura, United States(Zone 10b)

Mahalo Francis, Thank you for the compliment! There are a few people over at GardenWeb that grow this vine, but I couldn't tell you who they are. If you do a Google search for "Telosma cordata," you should get back some interesting growing links, including the ones from GW. I think you will have no trouble growing this vine in your area. You are probably in Zone 10, where it doesn't freeze, but if you do get down to freezing temperatures in the winter, you can always grow this in a container and bring it inside during the winter. It pretty much goes dormant during the winter anyway unless you can keep it growing in a warm greenhouse. I got mine from Logee's, and I just checked, and they still have it for $10.95. I have purchased a lot of plants from them, and they are wonderful. Here's a link: Royal Palm Enterprises has it too: I've ordered from them before too, and they are great. Be sure to look for the scientific name: Telosma cordata. By the way, I've never seen seeds on mine. Welcome to Dave's!

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