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Parents living with you?

Golden, CO(Zone 5b)

I was surprised to see so many people saying they have their parents living with them, even though they are not yet in a caregiving situation. A couple of years ago when I moved my folks in with us, I had no idea how common this was. They were living 1000 miles away, and called one day to say they wanted to move closer because they were lonely, so we bought property with two homes on it and moved them. (A totally different scary story in itself!) In the process of moviing, I overheard my Dad telling his brother that we had promised he'd never have to go to a nursing home! I never made any such statement, but now I realize that was his desire.

Even if they are not frail, having parents living with you can be a challenge. Anyone who doesnt think so, has never met my Mom! But there is always the knowledge that it can turn into a caregiving situation at any time. I wish now that I had been a little more aware of warning signs we should have noticed. Things that were minor, but I might have thought to ask about, but where do you draw the line with parents between helping them, and treating them like children? Dad used to get aggravated if I mentioned anything to his doctor.

And then there is the whole driving issue, as well! Do your older parents still drive? Is it a scary subject? Anyone in Denver sees a gray haired short lady in a dark purple minivan look out! That's my Mom and she thinks she is Mario Andretti!

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