You might be a Garden Nerd if........

Taylor Creek, FL(Zone 10a)

After watching Jack Driscoll on Erica Glasners' "Gardner's Journal " on Aug 30, I thought this might be fun. Jack has a fantastic garden outside of Atlanta. He and his friends call themselves "Plant Nerds". As to not be totally plageristic, I say we go for Garden Nerd.
He said you might be a plant nerd if you had ever planted at night by flashlight; or ever gardened in the rain. I identified with both of those.
You might be a Garden Nerd if;
1. You log on to DG more than 5 times a day.
2. You buy more plants than you have terra firma for.
3. You dig up plants off the side of I-95 when your stopped a long time for accident ahead.
4. You drive around on garden trash day to see if there are oak leaves baged or something freshly pruned you wanted a cutting of.
5. When plants become more important than dinner.
6. When your car knows the way to the nursery.
7. When you root every pruning so you'll have plants to stack if you dont find someone to give them to.
8. When over fifty per cent of the "Favorites" on your PC are garden related.

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