CLOSED: What is this thing: egg, cocoon or what?!?

Flower Mound, TX(Zone 7b)

I found this odd thing in my garden, and think it might be a praying mantis cocoon - but not sure....

Thumbnail by shearpamela
Jackson, SC(Zone 8a)

it looks creepy whatever it is. hope someone can help.

Westbrook, ME(Zone 5a)

Looks like a mantis case to me...

Spokane, WA(Zone 5b)

if it's a mantis, put it back outside! those are good bugs! :-)

Flower Mound, TX(Zone 7b)

It is definitely outside! I put it back where I found it right after I took the picture :) It feels like styrofoam, and is as light as a feather...

Vancleave, MS(Zone 8b)

Oh lucky you SP. They sell those to gardeners

Flower Mound, TX(Zone 7b)

I'll have to keep an eye on it to see if it "hatches"...

Franklin, NC(Zone 6b)

Good thing you put it back. My mom tells a story of one that was left on a windowsill in the sun and she had to scrape up hundreds of tiny geen mantises with a post card when they hatched. Nature bug that she is, she rescued every one and put them in the garden.

Whitby, ON(Zone 5b)

I'm with imzadi, looks very creepy to me, like outta some really bad horror movie ... If my thumbs weren't so green, I'd be the worst gardener in the world, bugs and bug-related "products" scare me silly. Whoever invented rubber handed gardening gloves has my profound thanks.

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