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What happens when it's me?

Golden, CO(Zone 5b)

After the last year with my Dad, the thought is in my mind of what do I want to happen when it is my turn to need help. I think it is foolish to bury my head in the sand and pretend it won't happen. I fully believe medical science has the ability to prolong my life longer than it has the ability to fix whatever is wrong with me. I'm working on a living will, but with the experience of this last year, that doesn't cover everything, becuase there are lots of intermediate steps, and decisions, and then we get back to what I said about medical science. So, I need a plan and it probably won't include winning the lottery and hiring private nurses.

Do I want my kids to take on the job that we did with Dad? No, not really. Much as I would like them to be around, I don't want them having to change my diapers! So, the only other option seems to be long term care insurance. I'm beyond the age of needing to carry life insurance to assure my kids security, so that money could go toward LTC insurance. But is that the best option?

Are you guys planning for this? If so, what do you plan?

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