norma? Crasulady? u out there

Brooksville, FL(Zone 9a)

hey sweetie---i got a pic for you---its a pic of the first cuttings you sent me...would make you proud im sure--lemme know if your around!


CKrdpast (Jeanne)

Valley Village, CA

Jeanne, be careful, people will talk.
Of course I'm out here. Getting ready to display about 160 of my Crassula all in new pots, what a job making a list and then putting the numbers to correspond in the pot, so when I take them home I'll know what they are.
I must always have instructions on how to get to the picture. Now your next step is to enter it into a show and take a first place. I don't show the plants I just give them away. So my baby has grow up, and she seems to be very happy living in your home. Thanks, Norma

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