Can I divide hakonechloa (japanese forest grass) now?

Foxboro, MA(Zone 6a)

We have huge mounds that I want to divide to create a new border. It comes back later in the spring, but is just flowering now. I live south of Boston. This plant is very hardy, pest free and has a beautiful graceful habit.

(Zone 6a)

I've never grown that grass, but I'd say go for it - since you say it's very hardy and healthy. I routinely move miscanthus and other grasses around when I technically shouldn't...and never have any trouble. Just be sure to get plenty of soil with the roots. I've moved trees, shrubs, grasses and perennials in the middle of summer with great success. It's all about soil with roots, watering and just simply being careful. I've moved a few grasses closer to winter and haven't had trouble. I wouldn't move anything that's timid or not very hardy though.

Richmond, TX(Zone 9a)

does anybody know if this can be grown in houston, zone 9a. i don't recall seeing it for sale or in anybody's garden.

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