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Cypress Vine, Star Glory, Hummingbird Vine (Ipomoea quamoclit)

Netcong, NJ(Zone 5b)

This photo demonstrates the look of both the cotyledons and first true leaves of Ipomoea quamoclit.The cotyledons displayed in this photo are showing a thin elongated 'boomerang'type of shape most characteristic of Ipomoea quamocli,whilst the true leaves are displaying the very(!)finely divided appearence of the species Ipomoea quamoclit.
Ipomoea quamoclit is one of the 'parent' progenitor species from which Ipomoea x multifida was first produced and is the species most commonly misidentified as Ipomoea x multifida,other closely related species commonly used as misidentifications are I.coccinea and I.hederifolia.
The common names of 'Cardinal Climber'and 'Cypress Vine' have been used by many people to describe both I.quamoclit and I.x multifida apparently contributing to the misidentification(s) encountered relative to all of the species mentioned here.

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Shepherd, TX(Zone 8b)

I second have I. quamoclit 'Cypress Vine'.

Deep South Texas, TX(Zone 9a)

Thanks, y'all! I've notified Terry of the mistake. Hopefully it will be rectified in a few days.

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