Crassula Flowers

Valley Village, CA

Summer Crassula in Flower: What do you have in flower?
Alstonii white tiny
Alba v. alba red big
Perfoliata v. falcata red big
v. perfoliata white big
v. heterotricha red big

Tip: After they flower is the time to repot. Wait until the flower is completly dry. You may want to watch for roots to start from the nodes (where the leaves join the stem)
Do not water the cuts for two weeks, then they have roots, you may start watering. Do not start winter growers at this time. C.barkleyi (teres) Crasulady

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Not a single one, well you could count Aeonium simsii, but it would flower in a blizzard, I'm thinking.

I have also been moving all my buddies, six miles to MIL's house. I just have to get her to sign in blood, not to water!!!

I've taken four carloads over and BARELY made a dent!!! Just a teeny bit of room left over now. You must remember, this year I went vertical!

Oh, I did forget Kalanchoe blossfelddiana and Cotyledon orbiculata v. higginsiana. Now I wished I had put the second in the show, but I could not figure out how to transplant without disturbing the white bloom that it is covered in and have it regenerate before the show. So, my evil little mind is planning far ahead, to next year when it should bloom at the same time, and how it would look best displayed...

Norma, don't rub this stuff in... You're supposed to be too busy to be bragging and bothering people with posting. (I feel shrapnel coming my way, I'd better duck and mean it!)


Valley Village, CA

Don't duck, I wish all of you that read this could be here to visit. Our weather is still muggy, and frequently foggy, until 1:00. When it get hot next week it will stay hot until Sept. 20 We will have most days well over 100 but the humidity should drop.
Cena, went out a purchased pots today, can't bring them into show, with dirty pots. They really do look better cleaned up of old leaves, put in fresh soil and top dressed. At the moment I'm using maroon volcanic gravel. I lost so many Crassula this year I can't believe it, now I will have the fun trying to replace these plants. Not easy at all. When I get a new species or even a
subsp. I act like a kid in a candy store. This is as bad as the Sans. they are habit forming, whoa is me, another habit.
Need to update the Crassula hybrid list which hasn't been done since 1996, I have learned to much since then. Crasulady

How on EARTH did YOU manage to loose crassulas...? I am humbled, there is no hope for me. What Happened? Oh, I know there are those things that keep us from regular inspections and walk throughs, but to loose them entirely?

I guess it happens more than I credit. I am being whopped by a smartaleck little Opuntia santa rita. I have demolished two now. Hoping to save pads from #2 but who knows?!?

I was hoping to come up to the show, but may have to travel out of town for family 'emergency' thing. I sure hope to make it up there! Will let you know if at all possible. Probably a day trip.


Valley Village, CA

Cena, don't be so anxious to pot up those new pads, make sure you wait a week before doing so. I lose the Crassula from watering them in the wrong time of year. The winter grows must only be watered then. Now I repotted most of them into show pots, and probably the wrong time of the year because I wanted to display 140 of them. I'll never do this again, it just ruined many of my plants,

Another in flower,C. cooperii
C. atropurpurea v. atropurpurea
what a name they stuck on this poor
C. nudicaulis
C. perforata (perfossa) 'Necklace Vine'

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