Ripping up carpeting

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My parents are in the process of buying a house. The whole main floor of the house is carpeted. We want to replace the kitchen, bathroom and utility room with vinyl or laminate. The carpet in those rooms is the old indoor outdoor type carpeting. How hard is it to rip up that carpeting? I believe it is probably glued to the subflooring. We are trying to save my parents money and the floor installers want to charge $500 to do this.

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Whether glued or not, here's my suggestion: Cut the carpet in about 4' widths. That will make it easier to remove and carry away. Old glue gives up the carpet easily, although you may need to go back with a sharp tool to remove old glue before vinyl installation. A tool like roofers use on old shingles... don't remember what it's called, but like a hoe flattened out straight.

A few hours of family and friends' labor will go a long way against the $500 the carpet installers want.

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Darius is right - it's not hard - a bit labor intensive - but doable. Save the $500! Actually, it's rather theraputic......

The tool is called a floor scrapper.... - so samples.

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Dave and I have done this ourselves twice now. It is not that hard. Also, don't forget that you'll want to pull up the tack strips in the rooms where you are putting vinyl down. IMHO, that's a little harder than the carpet, but we just used a crowbar and a little elbow grease :) No problem.

What are people thinking putting carpet in a kitchen?!?!? I'll never understand...... :)


southeast, NE

Thanks for your suggestions. Yesterday, my wonderful brother-in-law couldn't work in the fields because it was raining so he went in and tore the carpet up. So this weekend we will be probably be painting, tearing off wallpaper and/or starting to help them pack.

The gross part is they had carpeting in the bathroom. Ewwww - just the thought of it makes me cringe.

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We also had a carpeted bathroom and laundry room - ick! I think you got great suggestions here. Just wanted to mention that if you have glue left on the floor, use 'adhesive remover' - it works great! We got 'Sentinal 626' brand (gallon was over $10 - forget exact amt.) from Menards and also floor patch/leveler (under $5.) to smooth out the wood underlayment and fill any cracks between sections of wood.

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