My Carol Noel order just came in.

New Iberia, LA

Just beautiful and they were at a very good price..If she keep on offering quality plants at these prices she will corner the market! Bravo Carol,you out done yourself again..

Thank you,

New York, NY

Was very pleased with my first order too, and plan to order again. Mine have grown by leaps and bounds since I got them a few months ago. Not only that, I feel more confident that I know what I've got.

Dennisport, MA(Zone 5a)

What type of plants did you get from Carol?

Modesto, CA(Zone 8b)

Where can I find Carol???? Inquiring minds and all that.... :~)

Long Beach, CA

What all kinds did you get? I would like to see pics of some if you have any yet. I want to send an order, but must wait until next month so I need to dream until then. Ha.

Cincinnati, OH(Zone 6a)

Kachinagirl, Carol is AloyaHoya2000, a frequent and very knowledgable contributor to this Forum.

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New Iberia, LA

I bought silver fleck, full and beautiful......
Finlaysonii x guys need to get this one the leaves are just amazing....
Excavata..very nice thick leaves and Erythrostemma ..all are healthy and had great roots and for what I payed ,I would have payed double for way smaller plants...I bought noelle I say about two months ago from her and sp applegreen and my noelle has almost doubled in size and as far as that applegreen it reminds me of ruthie fast growing. I have pictures but I need to down size them,but I will be posting pictures soon...I found myself back on her website on her large plant list for sale....gonna have to go seek professional help..ha ha

The Erythrostemma is Mindorensis..Never the less attractive foliage and very healthy.

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Keaau, HI(Zone 11)

The thing is, guys, that I just try to find answers for myself and then think..."Hey, this is just too good to keep myself, I gotta share it". I try to cite where my information comes from....and do when I's mostly a memory thingy. I have been very lucky to have had some good friends like Chris Burton. Now that the friendship is not there (did you guess?) whatever I can learn I will try to pass along. Like Norma, who is there with her information...I am here to learn, too.

BTW - there are a lot of clones of H. finlaysonii X H. incrassata running around out there. I had a couple of them (ooops, and thought they were H. finlaysonii for the longest time). It IS a nice cross. H. cv. Jennifer is that cross too, but a different clone.

Thanks for the compliments. :o}}}

Long Beach, CA

Does anyone know if the the finlaysonii ' Chanins Thout' (that sp. may be wrong) is one of those clones that is a cross with incrassata?

Modesto, CA(Zone 8b)

Thanks MaryEv....have chatted much with her, just didn't know her name. She's been a tremendous help in answering my Hoya questions! Have seen her website....awesome! Hello I know who's behind the Aloha! Can't wait to expand my Hoya-clan through you!

Karen :~D

Keaau, HI(Zone 11)

HI Marcy...

H. finlaysonii 'Chanin Thorut' was collected on a field trip into the forest in Thailand by Dr. Chanin Thorut) , sent to Chris Burton who then determined it was another clone of H. finlaysonii (I read this in The Hoyan). What she has decided it is today, I don't know. But I do know that the 'type' for H. finlaysonii is not as striking in markings as any of the hybrids of H. finlaysonii X H. incrassata. In fact, it is downright dull, but my plant is starting to put out really big leaves that are more attractive than the others...

OH...Dr. Thorut does say to grow H. finlaysonii like H. carnosa, but give it a bit more light than H. carnosa can live with...that H. carnosa can live in a closet, I swear!!!


Long Beach, CA

Thanks Carol. I wonder if it can go as cold as carnosa? I leave my carnosas out all winter (nights into the 40s), and they do fine. However, I have brought most of my others inside as I am not sure which ones would perish.

Keaau, HI(Zone 11)

Marcy...I don't think so.... At least it isn't on the Cool Tolerant (lowest base temp. 50deg) on Liddle's Catalogue...40deg. is pushing it but yours seem to be it "ain't broke..."

Long Beach, CA

I don't think they would live if it STAYED in the 40s very long, but the key is that when it does dip into those low temps in the middle of the night, it never stays that way. It isn't long before the sun comes up & it often goes right back up into the 70s before noon. It also usually isn't quite that cold. Maybe just a few nights. More often it is in the high 40s or low 50s at night in the winter. It has gone even colder altho that is not the norm, but if it is predicted to freeze, I bring everything in & just set them around on the floor until morning. Fortunately that isn't often and not at all here in Long Beach last winter, altho other portions of S. Calif. did get frost. What is the coldest it's gets at night in Hawaii?

Denver, CO

I also have 3 of Carol Noel's plants and cold not be happier. I just got started in Hoyas over a year ago and Carol has been a God Send. My mentor. When she was sending my plants she told me instead of mailing me money give it to DG another great thing she has done for me. I read the posts over and over.
Thanks Carol

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