Good Info re: Veggies in Containers

Newark, OH(Zone 5b)

I just ran across this while researching something else at Ohioline. It's got good info like how big a container to use for various plants, how much soil various diameter containers will need, etc. Thought some of y'all might like the info:

:o) Kimberley

Port Huron, MI(Zone 5b)

That is a very helpful site. I've never had any luck with container gardening for veggies other than the cherry tomatoes and herb box that I put together each spring for my mother's balcony. Perhaps I'll try a few more things for her.

Caribou, ME(Zone 3a)

Thanks Gardenwife!
I decided this year to ease myself into veggie gardening by trying containers first to see if I'd like it and stick with it but wasn't sure if it would fly, or what I could plant. That site pretty much answers most of my stupid questions and I have it bookmarked for further references. Thanks again!

San Lorenzo, CA

Thank you, gardenwife! That's exactly the sort of info I need. I botched a yellow crookneck squash this year by putting it in a container that's WAY too small. (The pot seemed huge when I planted it, but I had no clue how big and prolific squash is!) Hope to avoid this next time around.

Thought I'd join in and I love container gardening' I've been doing it many years'I like growing vines too in them because I made a courtyard and on one side put a fence along side'My cucs just cling and the fruit is in full sun' I companion plant because I don't use chemicals'In my tomato containers,are liliput zinnias,the cuc barrel has rosemary,onions. I have started interplanting cabbage with portulaca,glads and coneflower also,plus dill' When it's windy the vines help break the wind on the other containers,shade too'I found this site,very informative''Sis''

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