Today was Christmas!!

Poppysue,Helen,Keith,Dori and Penny I want to thank you for
turning my day around!! I recieved your seeds/plants/bulbs today just when I was feeling my very worst.
My son and I have been sick since Friday. We have been on the couch all day-all night since then. I also hurt my back on Friday and I couldnt get a Doctors Appt until Wed, I cant go to work, cant do anything and I guess I got a little upset and locked myself in the bathroom so my son wouldnt see me and cried for 5 mins (I am such a baby when I am sick). I opened the front door to let my other son in and found a package at my door. My son went to the mailbox and came in with all these little treasures!!
Received 6 little gifts AND NO BILLS!!
There was one seed packet that didnt have a name and I will go thru my notes to thank that person as well.
Thanks for the great pick-me-up! You guys are great!!

Westbrook, ME(Zone 5a)

Your Welcome!

I'm glad they made you feel better!


Bay City, MI(Zone 6a)

your welcome-now get well!=}

Warsaw, IL(Zone 5a)

Your Welcome!
Hope they do well for you!

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