SOLVED: Datura? What kind?

Does anybody know what the name of this plant is?

I have a picture of the foliage here:


Thumbnail by dave
Westbrook, ME(Zone 5a)

I believe that's a variety of datura stramonium. It could be the common "Jimson Weed" or there are some different cultivars. I've got one started that's called 'Tatula' that has purple in the throat of the flower and is supposed to grow really tall. The d. stramoniums re-seed like wild fire and can become weedy if you're not careful and remove the pods before all the seeds fall.

Thanks, poppysue!


Milford, NH

Dave..also looks very similar to a Datura I have, "fleur lilac" blooms when still quite small but eventually gets to 3 feet.

Seale, AL(Zone 8a)

Hi, Dave! If your plant is not a vine, I think what you have is the datura metel.It is a moon flower bush that comes back every year in warm climates. I saw one in Mississippi that was a second year plant and it had about 50 blooms on it. It took me a long time to find out what mine was. I finally found it in a Martha Stewart Living magazine.I just went back and looked at your pic of the foliage and the leaves do not look fuzzy like the ones of the datura metel.If you find out what is is please post on this thread. I'm a nut abot knowing the scientific names of my plants. Thanks for this site ! I am enjoying it so much! Do you ever look up your plants at 'Vascular Plant Image Gallery'? I have found a lot of mine there. Thats where I found out that my ice plant is not a carpobrotus , but an Aptenia cordifolia.Look up that name and let me know if your ice plant is one also. Thanks, Suzy

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most definitely a D.stramonium...has a small thorny seed pod and grows wild in the USA...its a very common weed also called jimson weed, thorn apple, etc. The Datura metel has a much larger flower and is generally available in purple with white insides, purple with purple insides, yellow with white insides, purple and yellow streaked outside, etc. The double metel with purple inside and outside the corolla is often called a Black datura while the purple on the outside and white on the inside of the corolla metel is labeled often as purple or blue metel. Hard to find descent Datura hybrids if that is what you are into. The D.stramonium can be hybridized to the Datura ferox which has an exceptionally odd spiked seed pod for those adventurous enough to try some of their own hybridizing.I personally view Datura as a weed, but many people do like to hybridize and grow this flower. It is even considered sacred by a few different religions scattered over the world. Take the hindu for instance who associate it with Shiva....

Hope this helps,

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