This is a Great Forum!!!!

Palmyra, IL(Zone 5b)

I think I just found my nitch on Dave's.Thanks for being country folk.I have enjoyed what I've read so far.I'm glad I'm not the only one who loves Farm Life.This forum might keep me from trading plants and save me a few dollars.LOL.Jody

Fayette, MO(Zone 6a)

Welcome Jody!! Tell us about yourself.

I'm not sure the Farm Life forum will keep you from trading plants. I think I might have met Leaflady at a plant swap and she is as much a plant person as the rest of us.

Baker City, OR(Zone 5b)

Hi JodyC, and welcome to the farm forum. Are you a farmer or a farmer wannabe? We have some of both who come in for a cup of coffee and a visit, ask questions and oooo and ahhhh over our new farm babies, sympathize with our old truck breaking down, etc. We're all into gardening too.

Rocky Mount, VA(Zone 7a)

OR, MO, IL, so far away, wish that I could see your spreads, & the wounderful things in those places - Dyson

Lucedale, MS(Zone 8b)

Hey Jody, hey ya'll
I just started stoping by this forum too, and I really enjoy.
It takes me back to all my childhood memories.
I grew up on a farm where we had all kinds of animals.
My favorite till this day was our baby racoons. Really neat pets.
I've been gone from my parents for about 10 years now. My husband
and I just bought a house last year and we are getting 7 chickens today.
We have 3 acres and I'm trying to make the best of it. So small from what I
I grew up on. I want to try and get some different farm animals because
I want my boys to have the same experiences that I did growing up.
So far all they've been around is dogs. We have 2 boston terriers and our
female just had 8 babies and the boys just love it.(me to)
My brother still lives by and works for my daddy. Right now his new
farm animal is a pet baby deer. It's really neat, it stays in his back yard and
acts just like a dog. My boys just loved it.
I just really enjoy reading everyones farm stories and seeing all the pictures.
Just thought I would share that little bit of info with everyone
since I'm sure I'll be stoping by here much more often.
Sorry to barge in on your thread Jody but I think this is a great forum too.
I just thought this was a good spot to introduce myself too.

Hughesville, MO(Zone 5a)

Welcome to all the newcomers. Yes, I am a plant person. We long ago gave up the larger farm type animals but still have geese, ducks, banty chickens, pigeons, a couple dwarf Rex bunnies, a cavy, 2(will have 3 after 7 tonight)female degus, 2 old battleaxe Parakeets who refuse to be tamed, 6 cats, and 3 dogs. No dull days around here. I have had pet rats until both had to be euthanized in the past few months.

The past couple weeks have been a whorlwind around here!! Between all Jack's and my doctor appointments and our friends living with us 1/2 of October I hardly know if I am coming or going. I'm still working my regular schedule too. About 20-25 hours a week is what I think it adds up to. Days like today keep me well reminded of my disabled status. Cold wet weather and I don't get along too well.

I need to start caring for the now indoor plants better. Some are already too dry. I really cut back on the number of plants I kept. Got rid of over half of them. I kind of lose interest in them after I have to bring them inside. I saved several pots of herbs such as lemon verbena, stevia, 3-5 different kinds of basil, etc. The lemon verbena and stevia have already lost all their leaves but were still very green stemmed when I trimmed them back. Others seemed to be doing fine. Like the plectranthus plants. Even one of them outside still looks good. We are thankful there have been no freezes so far. Maybe a couple lite frosts.

GOD bless and keep each of you.

Lewisburg, KY(Zone 6a)

I guess I would be a newbie to this forum too. I was raised on a cattle/grain farm in southcentral KY. My husband and I own 5 acres but we help with Dad's farm now. He is 83 but still going strong. My kids love going to vist and ride the four wheeler now.
That is a new addition. I only have two sisters so I helped out in the fields. John Deeres Rule :)
Teresa in KY

Panama, NY(Zone 5a)

Hi to all the new comers! We love having farmers, farmer wannabees and people who just like the idea of farming show up (farmers are the friendliest folk!).

We are heavily into dairying. It used to be a family farm, but the family (two daughters) grew up and moved on to paying jobs (!), so then it was a one man/one woman farm and now, due to arthritis, it's down to a one man farm with some outside help. I run the gardens and keep house and after growing up on a family farm and working all those years on this one, it feels like vacation!

I am an occasional rabble rouser in the cause of the American farmer on this forum and I've been known to write letters to governmental officials. If I get rowdy, just know that it is because I care about the food the American people eat and where it comes from and how it's produced, and if it ain't from here, who knows!

Hey Theresa, yep, JD is a good tractor - especially the older ones. But, you know, we got some Fords and New Hollands and they do the job, too. The decline of the farmer is also fostering the decline of the local dealership. How far do you have to go to get parts? We are lucky, still have both dealerships in town, but from here there is a 150 radius before you get to the next New Holland dealer.

Lucedale, MS(Zone 8b)

Whew hew go John Deer, that's what my family has always had. Except for combines, they are New Holland and yes they do a great job. We still have a dealer in town as well.
Theirs other types of lawnmowers besides JD, what? ..... lol

CHINA, MI(Zone 6a)

Hi to all the new comers. I have 12 alpacas and 150 chickens, thats how I spend my days and love it.
Ken at the Pondview Alpaca Ranch, China, Mich.

Palmyra, IL(Zone 5b)

Here's a link It shows an arial photo and it says alittle about me. Thanks, Jody

Palmyra, IL(Zone 5b)

Hello, to all the newbie's and thank's for the welcome from those of you that aren't. Jody

Versailles, MO(Zone 5b)

Hi. I'm a newby and love DG; the best.
We moved on 12 acres six years ago, have goats, chickens, guineas, two horses and afew dogs.
Learning how to make compost and use it on the lawn and on my plants.
Need to get some fences fixed to keep the goats in. Will also have to pipe water in to make life easier and also fence in some goats to have their own seperate pens.
We have a hugh pond down the hill, so that is work when you are up for a relaxing for you!
I would like to have nest boxes made so that I can just lift a lid to collect eggs and I would like an addition added to the barn to make more stalls and maybe add some walls for warmth and some electricity.......we are from the city so it's taken us longer to figure this stuff out.........we did get an enclosed patio built and it's almost finished, that's where my plants are safe............oh, wish I had my green house built, but that will come in time...........nice meeting all of you...........

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Murfreesboro, TN(Zone 7a)

One nice thing about living in the country - there is always something to look forward to. Those "old" folks who worry about not having anything to do when they retire must be city folks! Fences alone, could keep one out walking and excercizing for decades - 'bout time you got it all done, it's time to start over!

I agree, this is a great forum - DG is certainly the best I've found. I'm a returning "oldie", but I'm feeling like a "newbie", and I'm really looking forward to settling back in and becoming a regular again.

Extra early wet and rainy already this year - nice deep watering with some cold temps this winter could portent a superb peach season next summer (season just finished and I'm already missing them!). ...Walnut orchard on the edge of town didn't get pruned this year, and a few standing dead trees haven't been cut. I think this means another orchard succums to the suburb and turns into houses by next spring... on the "hanging in there" side of town, out towards the other side of town, though, little peach "sticks" planted 3 years ago actually look like trees now. If they and their caretakers can hang out a few more years, we'll be getting a real crop out of them and another generation of honey-gold wonderment will make its way into the mouths of the faithful. I won't be here to see it, but it gives me hope that this area has not abandoned its ag roots yet....

Take care, everyone. Counting my blessings.


Newark, OH(Zone 5b)

Hi, everyone - nice to see new faces! I don't have a farm life now, though we do have 6 head of livestock in the form of 3 dogs and 3 cats. I did used to have a horse and know my way around a barn, so I reckon that counts.

JodyC, we share the same birthday. Great things happened on July 25, eh? :)

Palmyra, IL(Zone 5b)

They sure do gardenwife.Happy belated b-day.LOL. Jody

Willits, CA(Zone 8a)

Another newbie here-

I've recently moved to the country (5 mos ago) and would like to transition to a more sustainable way of living. This year I planted a veggie garden and tried to freeze and/or dry some of the excess for use this winter. We also cut firewood since our home is heated with wood heat. We'd been doing this for several years at our other home so we were already experienced with that. We've also started a compost pile, which right now, is a cold compost pile…I'll have to keep working on that.

There are a lot of things I'd like to do eventually, like put in an orchard, line the now seasonal pond so it will be year-round, expand the growing area of my vegetable garden and maybe get a few chickens…anything bigger than a chicken is too overwhelming right now! Plus things like using solar energy, building a greenhouse, and very high on my priority list…finding a way to generate some income!

So my question is…what's next, where do I start, how do I do it?
Does anybody have any books to suggest…."Country Living for Dummies"?

Lewisburg, KY(Zone 6a)

Sound like you are doing just fine.

Baker City, OR(Zone 5b)

Welcome to the farm forum. Visit your public library and see the wealth of books available on all the subjects you mentioned and more, also there are magazines you can check out, save your money for bigger projects If you find a book you can't live without check on ebay and get it cheaper than new. Talk to the librarian and see if they will give you magazines when they are finished with them. Our library only keeps them a year, so every month they have some to dispose of.

Willits, CA(Zone 8a)

great ideas.

Mendo. County, CA(Zone 8b)

Hi, Beckster!

My husband and I are looking for a home about an hour away from you -- in Round Valley. We'll be coming to Willits for our movie-fix a couple of times a month, I'm sure. We love Willits.

As far as books go, have you seen "An Encyclopedia of Country Living?" It has a wonderful range of information, and it sounds like it might be what you're looking for.

Also, for veggie gardening, a book by a local man, John Jeavons, is excellent. It's called "How to Grow More Vegetables than You Ever Thought Possible," or something like that. I got it new at the Book Juggler, on the main drag.

Hope to be your neighbor sometime soon!

Willits, CA(Zone 8a)

Hi Pat-

yeah....someone close by!!! what fun.

I've only been to Round Valley once, it's beautiful..but the drive is something else!
I have seen the Encycopedia of Country Living at Real Goods in Hopland.
It's a great place, it you haven't been there yet. Maybe I should add that book to my Christmas List.
And, I have the book about the veggies. I got it at the Natural Foods store.
I went on a tour of their (John Jevons) gardens in August...they give tours a couple of times a was great, and very inspiring. Of course they have interns and apprentices to help maintain them. Their gardens are about 5 miles from my house and now that I know where they're at, I can look at them as I drive by on my way home!

Mendo. County, CA(Zone 8b)

We stop at Real Goods each time we head up your way. Part of the attraction of living in the country (for us, anyway) is to become more self-sufficient. Like you, we are interested in solar power, energy efficiency, growing some of our own food, and so on. I'd like to learn how to put food up, too.

I'd like to see Jeavons' place. I'll do a google and maybe my husband and I can catch a tour. Thanks for letting me know.

You're right -- the ride between the two towns is something else! I can see a bad storm resulting in a fallen tree shutting off access to the outside world for several days!

Take care.

Baker City, OR(Zone 5b)

Carry that chain saw in the trunk and you can take care of the problem before the highway department even knows about it.

Willits, CA(Zone 8a)

Do a search for Ecology Action to find tour information.

So.App.Mtns., United States(Zone 5b)

I'd love to visit Real Goods and see their solar buildings. I have been passionate about solar (actually all kinds of alternate energies) for many years, although in my area, passive solar makes more sense... degree days and all that. I've even built a couple of passive solar houses.

Patricia, There are some very good books about putting food up. Some of the older ones (and much chealer used on Amazon) have wonderful sections on root-cellaring. Mine are still in storage or I could give you a few good titles. I think I have the Encycopedia of Country Living in my books, too. And many, many that are similar.

Lewisburg, KY(Zone 6a)

You may be able to ask your library to get a book on loan.
We do that often. We are in a rural area, so we have a small library, but they have been very helpful in getting books from other KY counties or even different states! You just need the title and author's name. It can take a while, but this is what I do with the more expensive books that I am thinking about buying.

Darius, do you have threads about your solar greenhouses?

So.App.Mtns., United States(Zone 5b)

Bluegrass, (Theresa?) I haven't built a solar greenhouse, just passive solar houses. I AM intrigued by the passive solar greenhouse that Helen and Scott Nearing built many years ago in Vermont. The website is being re-built, promisng more details. I used to have their book but it wandered.

Rocky Mount, VA(Zone 7a)

I really can not believe that this thread has been idle since 2004.

I also can not believe that I posted on it that far back, it needs to be revived, and possibly moved to the since created "Sustainable Alternatives" forum.

When I had a young friend visit a few months back, I introduced him to my collection of "Mother Earth News" reprints (on CD). His response "man this is hippie stuff", (expletive replaced). My response "read it and learn" ;) And "then do" :)))
I have not been able to get him into DG yet (all his online time seems to be occupied with something called "gaming") but I have not given up yet either.

GTG try and find some parts to put up a gutter on la-casa-doublewide, during yesterdays storm I realized how much rain water I was wasting & I hate to waste anything!

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