Dwarf Chenille, Firetail (Acalypha reptans)

San Antonio, TX(Zone 8b)

Dwarf Chenille, Firetail
Acalypha reptans

Planted in a hanging basket, it has not stopped blooming since I purchased it in the spring.

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Houston, TX(Zone 9a)

Hey, I am a cat lover and animal rescuer, would love that plant, any particular place I can purchase one??? Will they start by seeds and bloom first year???

San Antonio, TX(Zone 8b)

I bought this one at my favorite local nursery in the spring. I may be trimming it back so that I can bring it in more easily when it freezes. Although one person stated on a website that her plant that was in the ground survived 0 degree temperatures one winter returning from the roots, I don't want to take a chance and lose it. I would be happy to send you some cuttings if I decide do so. I am pretty sure it would root easily, although I have not tried to do so. I do not know if it will start from seeds nor whether it would bloom the first year. It needs light shade or indirect bright light. I think that direct sun will burn the leaves (at least in our zones). Email your name and addess to me.

Machesney Park, IL

regarding this fuzzy plant that you are talking about. I was in a laundry mat a couple months ago, they had two of these plants hanging on the inside of the laundry mat. They cut a piece of each one for me. I took them home and put them in water and set them in the kitchen window, where they they receive the morning sun hoping to root them (just the end of the plant piece not the whole plant), They now have white roots on them and there is at least an inch of the fuzzy tail. I believe its time to pot them. They will stay in the house now that it is cold here, hopefully by spring, I will have a nice fuzzy tail plant. I absolutely believe these are the most interesting plants I have seen. I had never seen one until I just so happen to go to the laundry mat that day.

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San Antonio, TX(Zone 8b)

So glad that the cuttings rooted for you. I lost mine last winter when I forgot to place it in my greenhouse.

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