Bend, OR

Hi, I live in Central Oregon and we have alot of deer. I have a few roses that I haven't planted yet and some in the ground. Last night a deer came and ate all the floweres and buds. Will this ruin my bushes? How do I keep it from happening again?

Olive Branch, MS(Zone 7b)

The roses will regrow, they always do after even severe pruning after all. However, if the deer keep nibbling them, they will die. There are many commercially available deer repellents that have varying degrees of success in hindering them. The only remedy that will work for sure is a fence. An electric fence would be best, as that actually deters them, and they can easily jump over most fences smaller than 10". Electric fences are practically invisible, safe for you and your family, and are not that expensive. And, they work.

Polson, MT(Zone 5b)

oops....I bet you meant 10 feet (not inches). My garden fence is 6' high with 18" angled extensions (angled outwards). We got the idea from the US Forest Service. It works great.

Stockholm, NJ(Zone 5b)

Duckweed: Could you give us a detailed description of how you constructed your garden fence? I am in the Northwest tip of New Jersey, the deer are downright insulting but the ground hogs are even worse. I've tried the deer repellents which seem to be interesting and certainly repel me, but the ground hogs love it!

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