Sour Milk as a Beauty Treatment

El Cajon, CA(Zone 10a)

When I was growing up my mom had a friend with a particlarly lovely skin [complexion] real peaches and cream..My mom mentioned to me one day that her friend used sour milk every night on her face before going to bed...well, this intrigued me so I started using myself, and sure enough before tooo long I had the same peaches and cream skin..
Well, over the years I would use it on and off, my skin always remained very pretty,and I got many compliments from friends and people about it..However, I did get very sick, lost a tremendous amount of weight, and got a sort of grey cast to my skin, so thought about the sour milk again just recently [ I use organic raw milk and it had gone ''off in the fridge]..The milk had separated into curds and whey so I used the curds [full cream]..and started using it again, so now my skin is back to the way it looked before and I am happy again.. I do not have any wrinkles, even tho' we are retired so I consider myself with mature skin, my girlfriends have always told me that I do not have any ''pores'' [ I do my skin is just tight] and my doc tells me that I have the skin of a 25 year old [ he was serious] that is what sour milk has done for me all these years... I want to mention there is very little odor, the milk was [smile] about 2 months old and was not opened until I started to use as a 'beauty' treatment.. [ I also freeze my milk until I need it being that it is raw].. You can do this with a cup of milk of course I just did not want to waste a quart !!

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