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If living up north, I would tend to plant pot grown 4-5 month old seedlings in the ground so you can get them to bloom the first year rather than waiting 2-3 years for a bloom. I can raise a Brugmansia seedling from seed to bloom in 7-9 months in the ground and I think that anyone wanting to raise seedlings to blooming size would be best to stick them in the ground and just select the ones they liked that way. Of course, the shorter the growing season the longer one has to grow the seedlings in pots, but as long as you have a 4-5 month growing season a 2-3 ft seedlings should have plenty of time to get tall enough to bloom. Primarily a good shortcut for those who have a lot of seedlings and don't want to wait several years for a bloom. You can always set seed on the pot grown plants or take cuttings etc...or for that matter just dig up the plants in the ground before winter comes. So far, it appears that my Dr.Sues is going to be throwing out at least one hybrid seedling with a bit of promise. I have nice Dr.Sues x Ecuador pink that is about to bloom. The calyx is extremely velvety and crescent shaped. So, at least at this moment it definitly looks like a versicolor hybrid as far as the calyx is concerned. I am hoping for a bit longer tendrils, more fragrance, and a dark pink-dark peach color with that one. Can't wait to see though. Lots of whites from the Frosty pink hybrids so I don't think I will be hybridizing with the frosty pink again. Ever the rambler,

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