Collection of your favorite informational Hoya links

Celaya, Mexico(Zone 10a)

It's straight forward, post your favorite informational Hoya Webpage links here in this thread for others to see. A short explanation of why you like the Webpage(s) would be appreciated but is not a must.
I'll ask DG staff to make this thread sticky to the top so it's easy to see or copy/paste the links to a new thread (if you don't mind) and get it made sticky if it gets too cluttered here :)

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Keaau, HI(Zone 11)

There are many good websites: I especially like this one for the photography and this one for information and IDs.

Great idea, Milan!!!

Mesa, AZ(Zone 9a)

This is one of my favorites and also this one
Both because of pictures.


Abbotsford, BC(Zone 8a)

this one is also a good one because of the variety and many pictures on it:

Jackson, GA

This is a good one

This site is great too, it was created by Karen Hedlund with the help of Chris Burton. When you see pictures by Jacqueline Langford click on them to enlarge, after they load scroll down and many of them have a picture of her entire plant! Look at her Hoya linearis!!!!

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Tillamook, OR(Zone 8b)

Here's a good one, Carol has some great info from D. Liddle about hoyas that I have found very helpful...


Keaau, HI(Zone 11)

Milan...for information about and IDing hoyas, run by Christina Karlsson is terrific. Most of her hoyas are correctly labeled.

Also...that military guy in the Free French website has an awful lot of mislabeled hoyas - per Christine Burton.

You might want to edit your Sticky page...Zew Zealand and a few other case it matters....?

Wish people would wake up on this forum...seem to be sleeping. Do you think I intimidate them...? Gosh, I hope not...


Edited to say that (1) I meant nothing mean by that remark about waking up.... I am just a chatter box!!!

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Celaya, Mexico(Zone 10a)

On my way to add and fix, thanks Carol.

I guess it's the standard Hoya hibernation season we are hit with right now :)

TUCSON, AZ(Zone 9a)

I know mine is Chrismas! Sorry ! Binky :))))

Trelleborg, Sweden

I think there should be one more website added:


Sundsvall, Sweden

This is one of my favoritpages....

Here you can se the correct spelling of any hoya. For me it is very important to have the correct name of my hoyas.

Write hoya as a genus name and then press SUBMIT QUERY.

So important for us hoya lovers :-)

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Keaau, HI(Zone 11)

I was going to post Rosita's site, Christina...glad you beat me to it.

Keaau, HI(Zone 11)

Milan...can't we make this sticky?

Whitby, ON(Zone 5b)

I believe that Milan will add these sites to the thread that's already a stickie - since we can't post on that thread.

Celaya, Mexico(Zone 10a)

Sorry for the late reply, was away on vacation the last couple of weeks.
Added the links mentioned above to the "sticky" Hoya related Link thread.

Maria, note that the IPNI index contains names that had been published at one time or another but a listed name may not be valid anymore due to name changes or duplicate names for same species. So remember if a name of a Hoya (or any other plant) is listed in the index it does not automatically mean that it is correct.

Thanks for your input,

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(Zone 1)

Here's one I came across when googling for a particular Hoya. It has information on growing and really nice photo's in the gallery:

Celaya, Mexico(Zone 10a)

Thanks, list updated

Mountlake Terrace, WA(Zone 8a)

I cannot believe that you all did not find this before me:

Has pages dedicated to both Dischidia and Hoyas. Not a huge text site, but nice pictures, and lots of species.

Celaya, Mexico(Zone 10a)


Keaau, HI(Zone 11)

Celaya, Mexico(Zone 10a)

Link added
apologies for the delay

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