two new succulents who need you to help their owner

Point Pleasant Beach, NJ(Zone 7a)

I bought two succulents today and have no clue as to their identity. I know I have seen them around someplace, just haven't a clue as to where. So can you help?
Here is the link
you'll have to click on the link to the left named "unknown" and they will be the last 4 pics. unknown1 & unknown2.
Oh and also the 2nd one has fungus gnats I believe, Would you reccomend repotting, or leave it be, give it adequete light and add some sand to the top of the soil?
HMMMMMMMMMMMM decisions decisions!!!
If you could be of any help I would appreciate it greatly.
Thanks a billion

Itlooks like your two new ones were grown in the same light conditions. The first one is an echeveria, but it has been grown in too low a light level and too lushly. They grow so differently on the East Coast from here in California that I am going out on a limb to suggest culture--even tho I grow zillions of echeverias. I would gradually put it in more and more light until its getting plenty of sun. If you put it in sun now it probably will sunburn and go into shock.

The second one looks like Adromischus festivus, which grows well in lower light than an echeveria would be happy with. Adros drop leaves very easily but these leaves can easily be rooted to make new small plants.


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