Carnivorous Plants and hardiness

Cincinnati, OH(Zone 6a)

This is probably the most general question I've ever posted, but I would love to see some discussion (if there is more interest than just me.)

I live in zone 6a and have long been interested in CPs but have never seen them grown outside of coastal North Carolina, where I'm from. I would love to start a small garden area with them, but don't know how they would fair, or how to take care of them in Ohio. I have some mulching information from Equilibrium, but would love to have some more information about what kind, how much water, what to do in winter, etc.

Any experts out there?

Mary Ev.

Cleveland, OH

Mary Ev

Check out this link A while back I posted instructions for building an artificial bog garden for the purpose of growing CPs as well as native orchids.

I've found all the Pitcher plant (Sarracenia) species hardy here in Cleveland, I also have Droseras intermedia, rotundifolia and filiformis and Yes! Venus Fly traps out doors all year (this will be their sixth winter out).

My favorite place to purchase plants is Botanique
they have good prices and I've yet to get a bad plant.

Here's a pic of the bog (I picked cranberries that day), You can see the various pitcher plants, the white spikes are Lady's Tresses orchids, and the big bold leaves on the right are Poison Sumac...No bog is complete without Sumac!

Thumbnail by bogman

I still think you have lost it for planting that sumac. I'm straining my eyes and I don't see any hemlock. Why bogman, you are slacking. You mustn't leave that sumac there all lonely. It needs a fiendish friend.

Say, which filiformis do you have?

Cincinnati, OH(Zone 6a)

Bogman, you planted poison sumac on purpose? Your bog garden is beautiful, I just had no idea that these plants are hardy to this zone! This is kind of exciting!

I looked at Botanique's website, I'll try to figure out what to try in the spring. Oddly, I thought they prefered partial shade, I guess because in NC they grow in forested areas (at least the VFTs do)....but come to think of it, that is probably what helps them grow in Ohio. Does your garden help control insects?

Okay, I'm developing a plan for spring. This is really fun!

Cleveland, OH


The Drosera filiformis I have came from Botanique...did I not send you a crown of that? (my mind is going). It had no specific subspecies listed.


Considering that here in NE Ohio we have one of the cloudiest fall and winters in the country, full sun is rarely full! The pitcher plants do eat a load of yellow jackets in the fall, in fact this past september I remember a cicada killer being caught in one of the traps. My poison sumac bloomed for the first time this year! It turns out that it is a male so I don't have to worry about it spreading.

Start out with the bog garden special from botanique. It gives you a lot of bang for the buck. this is what the pitcher plants looked like this past spring...almost 40 flowers in all over a 6 week period

Thumbnail by bogman

Your D. filliformis is in the frig being cold stratified. I'll take it out and start "cooking" it early this January.

Those pitchers in bloom rival any rose in my opinion. Beautiful photograph!

Fort Wayne, IN(Zone 5a)

That picture makes me shiver it is so pretty. I have got to figure out a way to make a bog in this yard somewhere. Your caveat about water is going to make it difficult though. Jessamine

Cincinnati, OH(Zone 6a)

Hi Bogman and Equilibrium,

I started to attempt to order a carnivorous plant or two, but it appears that Botanique is closed

Do you have any other resources that you recommend?

Mary Ev.

Most orders for carnivorous plants are placed in the fall for delivery in the spring. Rob was one of the exceptions to the rule in that he would take orders as long as he still had inventory. Botanique is very good, I'm really sorry you missed ordering. On the other hand, I'm glad you posted here as I have a partial order that I am waiting for and now if he's a little late, I'll know what happened.

Here's another place that will have a very good selection of CPs you will want-
Dangerous Plants, e-mail him BEFORE you place your order. Let him know you want to talk to him and he will give you a phone number to call. Tom will "talk you through" ordering which plants will work best for you since you are brand new to CPs. You won't be displeased. He's equally as personable as Rob and will help make sure you don't pick something that will go to CP heaven on you.

You won't be displeased.

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