A sprinkler question ?

Young America, MN

Several years ago I purchased a small device( cann't think of the proper name for it!),,anyway it was made of brass , attached to your spigot, then you added your garden hose. It had a small tube that went into a contanier holding any liquid that you wanted to add to your garden, ie. liquid fertizilar. Well,,, I have a well and my pressure was not great enough to bring the "liquid" up and into the garden hose. Last year Sears was selling a simialar device, the "miracle grow" was in the pot under the sprinkler. Sooo my question is this: Does anyone know of a attachment like this that would work from a low pressure water system? Thanks in advance, ddt

Richfield Springs, NY(Zone 4a)

Here's a few thoughts; you may be able to turn the pressure up on the pressure switch, or put a smaller diameter hose after the fertilizer unit. By doing either of these, it may work. Make sure you can blow through the pickup tube. I have the same unit and it is very easy to plug the venturi. I know there are other fertilizer injectors, but I think they are expensive.

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