carpets in the master bedroom

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I am having the worst time deciding whether to put carpet or hardwood flooring in our new master bedoom. Currently there is an ugly brownish color in there. The master is downstairs and the other rooms downstairs (including kitchen) are all hardwood.

I had about decided on carpets and five minutes later the dog threw up. It was the color I had picked out for the new carpet, but still.....

Dh is NOT good about taking his shoes off. He tracked blackberries onto our current bedroom rug a few weeks after we moved here (temp rental). He does not seem to think this looks bad.

Our family trashes carpets very quickly, which is why I'm having hardwood put on the stairs and the landing. I did relent to leave carpets in the kids' rooms upstairs as I figure the dirt will be tracked off by the time they get up there. Also, they are very good about taking their shoes off. (Dh likes to feel rules do not apply to him. Of course, he wants rugs in there as he thinks it's cheaper. He is totally ruled by $$$. But I get to make this decision and am ruled by looks and how easy something is to clean.)

The color I have chosen is a very light cream color. Our bedding is all light-colored peaches and greens. I tried some light sage green rug samples but none of them were warm and cozy looking. The room has *very* poor lighting as the windows are blocked by a sunroom/family room that was put on after the house was built. There is only other small window.

Everyone says to put the wood in there. But I keep picturing that creamy carpet and thinking how good it will look (until dh tracks in). Help me. I promised the flooring guy I would decide by tomorrow when he orders the wood for the rest of the job.

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I think you're kidding yourself that the light colored carpet is going to stay nice-looking. If your DH thinks that blackberry stains look GOOD on a rug, then do yourself a favor and keep to something easy to clean.

Buy washable rugs! You will be so much happier!!

Langley, WA(Zone 7b)

I guess you're right. I guess I'll wait to I'm an old incontinent widow to put those in.

I do have area rugs in the color I like and they are washable. They aren't 'cozy' looking but I'll use them anyway. (At least on dh's side of the bed. Will get myself something nicer for my side. )


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I just saw this thread and was reminded of how, when I was young and went to my aunt's home, she had light colored carpet everywhere. It was beautiful. The only caveat was that she had clear plastic runners tapped down where it was permissable for us children to walk. And, believe me, we didn't DARE get off those runners. (I'm *not* implying you do this to your dh - it just brought back memories. lol)

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We have a light colored carpet throughout most of our house. It does have some light brown highlights in it that really help hide spots and vacuum tracks.

We have one teenager left at home that doesn't have time to take his shoes off, and a very spoiled house cat that occasionally barfs. No problems with cleaning up spots though, and I love the warm coziness of the carpet. Resolve carpet spot remover has become my best friend.

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I'd go with the flooring.

You can use throw rugs, as many as you

Just think how easy & inexpensive it would
be to change the decor.

Also, if any of you have allergies, wall to wall
is a big, no no.

And cleaning is a breeze--no heavy awkward
rug cleaner to wrestle with. You can't imagine
how much dirt gets imbedded into a carpet
over time. When we replaced ours with that floating
flooring (Senior Moment--can't remember what it's called),
I couldn't believe how awful the carpeting
had become. When we moved furniture it was
about 5 shades lighter under there!!

Just make sure the throw rugs are washable.

Hope this helps.

Langley, WA(Zone 7b)

I decided to go with the hardwood. The carpets in our current house look awful and have in every house we've ever lived in. I know I'm going to regret that I'm leaving the carpets in the two upstairs bedrooms, but they wanted them in there and hopefully all the dirt will be tracked off by the time they get up there! Plus, the kids are very good about taking their shoes off. The issue there will be food and drink spilled.

I don't bother with spot cleaning unless it is dog related as if I did, I would be spending nearly every waking hour spot cleaning. But I do have my carpets professionally cleaned at least twice a year.

My rug cleaners advise against commercial carpet cleaners and always give their customers a bottle of what they want us to use. (It works great.) Of course I go thru a bottle very quickly and have to call and ask for more. They provide it free of charge but one time they did comment on how much I was going through.

Thanks for all the advice!


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We put down 12X12 pine boards, sanded, stained and polyed and I've never once regretted them...... I use area rugs ..... I have a winter set and a summer set...... I'll admit wood flooring isn't for everyone but I sure love mine...

Good Luck with yours....

Got a little carried away with the measurements 12x12x12 should only be 12 in wide X 12 foot long - 1 inch thick..... LOL

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Langley, WA(Zone 7b)

They went in this week - no turning back now! Actually, they are looking great even tho they aren't even stained yet and my only regret is not doing both the upstairs bedrooms too.

There were, however, the usual problems that appeared once they got underway, which made the job more complicated and more expensive. But it will be great to have them done.


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