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I am considering buy 3 laptops for my teen sons who constantly fight over the desktop as they all have homework to do at the same time. The oldest has an esp heavy load as he is taking AP classes. And forget me or my husband ever using it once the kids are home from school!

We bought this about a year and a half ago and it is/was a fairly high end computer, with good graphics stuff, abilities to do video editing, etc.

All I want in the laptops is for them to be able to do email, internet research (homework purposes), and then using it to type up their assignments. Of course, they IM the entire time they're doing homework, but as long as they get good grades, I won't complain.

So what do you recommend? The desktop is a Dell. One of the kids wants a desktop instead of laptop but I'd like them to be portable and not have my kids buried in their rooms 24/7. Plus, they can't be trusted not to be up all night on the computer after their homework is finished. With laptops, I can tell them they have to use them at the kitchen or dining room table or in the living room or wherever, but not just holed up in bedrooms.

Do you think Dell would give a discount if I were buying 3 at the same time? Is there another company I should be looking at for what we want?

I also hate the way desktops look and how much space they take up. (I'm not big on TVs either.)



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I think you are on the right track. However, there is probably no right or wrong answer as to Dell, Gateway, HP, etc. I tend to lean toward Dell because that was my first computer and pleased ever since. Despite having Desktops, my son and I have more recently purchased Dell laptops. We stuck with the least expensive Dell offer at that time. As you are aware, their deals change almost daily . . .

In our Sunday paper, Dell was offering an Inspiron 1000 for $595.00 after rebates.
Free Shipping, on-line only for 2 days. It has a 30gb hard drive, 24xCDBurner/DVD combo Drive and a Free Wireless PC card. I thought the Wireless PC Card is the way you would want to go especially if all 3 laptops are in the kitchen at the same time. I think you may also get a free printer. Go to You will need a E-Value Code # 01665-081207F. I have never been too successful in trying to negotiate with the Dell representative. But, it never hurts to ask - 1-800-822-3438.

Good Luck. Your son's should be grateful !!!

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I don't think Dell will give a discount, but you could always call their customer service number and ask. We'd recommend Dell over any other company. To save money, check out their refurbished laptops at -- they've had some good discounts there for the holidays. Check the regular ones, too, because they may have some really good deals on new. Definitely Dell! :D

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I have a Dell Inspiron 8500 notebook I bought several yrs. ago (3 yrs.) I love it. Mostly use it for school and watching DVDs because of the large 15.4" screen. I want to upgrade it now to do wireless connectivity. Just signed on with ATT for a bundle (wireless router, Dish, and phone service). The wireless card Dell wants me to have costs $75.00. Also, I originally got 512K RAM, but it's expandable to 2G. Dell wants me to have two 1G sticks for $300.00.

Have you guys ever purchased peripheral hardware on the net? I found the same memory sticks for $99/1G and the wireless card for as little as $19.99.

Please let me know what you think or if you have a source for getting peripherals at a better price than the "manufacturer."



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it's almost always cheaper NOT to buy from the manufacturer.

I buy on line more often than not.... and even though i have 2 Dells, i don't think i've purchased "extras" from them.

and for a source.... do a google with the model number of what you are looking for, and a bunch of sites will come up. there are sites that will do the comparison shopping for you... listing the sites, cost and s/h and you can choose from there.

there are many reputable sites out there, just as there as non-reputable sites.


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Thanks, Terese.

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I got a Toshiba from Walmart. Its excellent. I would go to Walmart and get 3 mid range computers. You should be able to get them for around $500 or so. By the way, Dell computers are now sold at Walmart, save you some shipping!!!

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you're kidding...Dell at WalMart? Huh.

Well, I'm just gonna get a wireless card, 1G of additional RAM and possibly an external HD. I'm not doing that much on my laptop, except text for school documentation. However, there's a powerful research program to be downloaded on the HD in the near future, and I probably could use some more memory there. Also, any tips on virus protection and spyware would be appreciated, since I'm headed for wireless cyberspace! Thanks!

P.S. Backing up stuff, too! Don't want to lose my photos! Especially this one

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I must admit I am a little leery of computers from Wal-Mart because I know they force manufacturers of other products to cut corners on other items in order to offer them at lower prices...Not sure if they do so with computer components or not.

Microcenter is offering an Acer Aspire 3680-2682 laptop for $399, with instant rebate. If they're offering such a deal, other retailers are likely to follow suit.

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any tips on virus protection and spyware would be appreciated, since I'm headed for wireless cyberspace!

not sure if i added this link to your post in a different thread, but is a great resource for just about anything

within their Tips and Tricks section - you can find all sorts of Internet Classes [free] that can assist you in all sorts of stuff you can learn about.

for some reason, i can't get to any of the links... i'm on a really bad connection.

but you'll find just about any info you need on cnet. i've taken a lot of their classes and found them quite helpful.

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Thanks for the hookup! This will be really helpful.

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