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Madagascar Jasmine (Stephanotis floribunda)

Madagascar Jasmine
Stephanotis floribunda

Stephanotis seed pod

Thumbnail by bermudiana
Brookeville, MD(Zone 7a)

That's a pretty big pod, do you know how about how many seeds are inside? How do you tell when it's ripe?

These are our first seed pods, discovered just last week (3 of them, approx. 5 inches long), so we're playing it by ear. We're wildly excited, though!

Brookeville, MD(Zone 7a)

Let me know how it turns out!

Petaling Jaya, Malaysia


My plant has just produced a fruit like you described. This is the first time in over 15 years of more that i've had the plant that it's fruiting.

I wonder what you did with your `fruit'? Did you try planting it? Did you get a pant from the seed?

Mflower, Malaysia

Aspen, CO

Thrilled to find information on this plant. Mine grows indoors on a trellis above two sliding glass doors - it is about 7 feet tall and extends along the wall in both directions (T-shaped) about 12 feet wide. Please help me restore this plant to health! It seems to have stopped growing new foliage, but has a few blossoms in the spring and in the past 2 years has produced fruit/seed pods like the shown here. Am uncertain how to cut it back because the vines are all intertwined with seemingly no beginning or end. What kind of plant food should it have?

Brookeville, MD(Zone 7a)

Usually people don't feed plants that they want to produce high yeilds of flowers. I imagine that any all-purpose plant food should work if you want to beef up your plant.

Cutting it a high up as you can ascertain the direction of the vine should produce new foliage.

Grant Valkaria, FL(Zone 9b)

A quite impressive seed pod. Has anyone tried hand pollinating? I only recently acquired mine and it's loaded with blossoms.

Hilo, HI(Zone 11)

My 20 year old Stephanotis produced 14 seed pods last year. I left the pods on the vine for months hoping that they would do "something". When nothing happened I cut them off and put them in a fruit bowl in my kitchen. Gradually, one by one they split open on their own exhibiting a long cylindrical cone of seeds (looked like a skinny pine cone). Each cone had 50 to 100 seeds which were attached to what appeared to be dandelion-like puffs. As the cone dried the dandelion-like puffs opened. If left out in the elements, they would have provided a sort of parachute for the very tiny, thin, light weight seeds to fly in the wind. I will download photographs when the final pod opens. I wasn't able to take photos of earlier pods. I will try planting some of the seeds to see if I can grow them. I agree with CaptMicha.......don't feed your plant if you want lots of flowers. I fed mine and I have tremendous growth, more than I wanted, but not as many flowers for the amount of vine. Next season I won't feed. And "THRILLED" I have learned that as long as you have seed pods on the vine it doesn't seem to grow or produce flowers. The pods seem to drain the plant. When the pods stop growing remove them from the vine. They usually grow to about 5 inches. Hope this helps. I'm still learning.

Trinidad, CO

My husband bought a Madagascar Jasmine for me about 2 or 3 months ago, and now it has a pod on it, and I'm not sure what I should do with it, I have heard to leave it on and it will break open and release the seedlings on its own and the other is to pick it off and set it in some water and it will open up with over a hundred seedlings in it, so what should I do leave it alone or let it sit in some water? I would greatly appreciate it, if someone would give me some info on this.


Port Kennedy, Australia

We planted our Stephanotis about 2 or 3 years ago, and we have a pod on it. I did a good long search on line and have taken it off to leave in the sun to ripen. The pod has been on it for a good six months and in that time not one flower. So the pod has come off and we'll see what happens now. From what I have read pods and flowers don't go together so my choice is for the flowers.

Winnipeg, MB(Zone 4a)

Wow!!! That is so exciting!!! I almost lost my stephanotis this year, but it is putting out new growth. I hope I can get it to bloom next year.
:) Donna

TAUNTON, United Kingdom

Please help. I don't know what to do with my seed pods. Our plant is not flowering now as it seems to be putting all its energies into growing the 2 seed pods. How do I know when they are ripe? Do I pick them and plant them as they are or do I have to break the pod?



We left our pods on the vines until the pods looked as if they were drying out, and were turning brownish, whereupon a split would appear down the length of the pod. This took many months (I didn't record exactly how many.) We then left the pods on a windowsill in the sun, and within a short time they had opened up to reveal the seeds described by blackthumbX2. I still have a lot of the seeds in a container (we gave them away by the hundreds) but haven't got around to potting any of them. Maybe this year!

Thumbnail by bermudiana
Hilo, HI(Zone 11)

I have a series of pictures of my Stephanotis with flowers, and seed pods in various stages of development which I would like to add to the plant files. I've only been able to figure out how to add one at a time. So, for now, this is my one.


Thumbnail by blackthumbX2
Hilo, HI(Zone 11)

I leave my seed pods on the vine most of the year. Then in March I cut them off and put them in a bowl in my kitchen and wait.............and wait...........and wait.............eventuallly they begin to open on their own. Then I remove the cone of seeds and allow them to dry. As soon as the puffs begin to open I separate the seeds from the cone of puffs. I save the seeds and discard the cone puffs. Hope this helps.

Thumbnail by blackthumbX2
Cardiff By The Sea, CA

I got my steph probably in July and at that time it had already had lots of flowers on it. In September there were no more flowers but I noticed what I now know is the huge fruit. So my question is this: should I keep it on the vine until Feb/March or should I remove it now? There is already a line through it and it's pretty big. I live coastal San Diego USDA 10 zone. All of this info has been great but I couldn't figure this one out! If anyone knows if I should keep it on for the winter or take it off that would be great, thnx!! :)

Oak Park, CA

I currently have flowers and seed pods growing on my Stephanotis which is on a trellis on the post of my patio cover. I plan to leave the seed pods on my plant until they ripen and crack open. I then plan on havesting the seeds. Any good advice on this plan of action?

Los Angeles, CA

Wait til the seed pods turn yellow, then remove them. After that, be patient. They will split open on their own, much like other milkweed plants. Take the little fluffy parachutes off each seed and throw them on top of your favorite planting medium. (I use worm compost and a little meat moss.) Then sprinkle a little vermiculite over them.Keep them moist and warm. For starting seeds, I often use one of those big plastic berry produce containers from costco and rest it in a pie plate, and fill it with planting media. Then I shut the lid and water the pie plate. It's a a mini greenhouse.

I'm going to experiment with refrigeration to see if it improves the percentage of successful germination.

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