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Great Brugmansia hybrids fast


Four Stars or AAAA++ company...take your pick, this company is inexpensive and fast in delivery. Plants are well packaged and get overseas to my house faster than the nurseries in the USA can send them.
. Quinde : nombreuses petites fleurs simples blanches,
feuilles très allongées et découpées (Disponible 05/2001)
. Rosabella : fleurs pendantes rose intense, parfum épicé
très particulier

Aurea Hybrid
. Citronella : blanc jaune virant abricot, fleur érigée
. Culebra : fleur blanche très découpée
. Golden Lady : fleur double moyenne jaune puis blanche,
port compact

. Flore Pleno Tiara : fleur crème jaune, double
. Grand Marnier : jaune abricot, longue floraison, fleurs
érigées en tubes
. Knightii : blanc double, grandes fleurs pendantes
. Ocre : fleur jaune or
. Abricot Goldilocks : Aurea x Suaveolens x Versicolor,
fleurs érigées orange
. Betty Marshall : port compact, fleur blanche simple
. Butterfly : fleur dressée rose foncé à gorge jaune
. Frosty Pink : fleur rose argenté très clair
. Goldrichter : jaune à coeur blanc, fleur érigée très ouverte
. Insignis (Versicolor x Suaveolens rose) : rose aux corolles
très ouvertes
. Insignis Orange : fleur orange
. Insignis 90-9 : fleur érigée rose, très large
. Jean Pasco : grande fleur jaune orangé
. Marrakech : fleur orange/brun
. Marie Gerritts : fleur simple blanche dressée duveteuse
. Marygold : jaune mimosa, grande fleur
. Pink Beauty : rose intense, belle fleur moyenne érigée
aux longues cornes
. Rosenrot : rose foncé à coeur blanc, fleur simple
. Officinalis Indonesia : fleur jaune
. Roter Vulkan : rouge tomate (Disponible avril 2001)
. Sanguinea : très belle fleur érigée bicolore rouge et orange,
fleurit bien en dessous de 20°
. White Marble : feuilles panachées, fleur simple blanche
Suaveolens Hybrid
. Blanc : fleur simple blanc crème, érigée
. Glockenfontaine : rose très clair
. Jamaïcan Yellow : fleur moyenne verte puis jaune
. Pink Delight : fleur très ouverte verte puis rose à
. Rosa Uberashung : fleur pendante rose

. Lacks : fleur jaune crème puis orange
. Maya : feuillage panaché, fleur pendante orange
. Nova : large fleur rose très clair
. Pride of Hanover : grande fleur crème, pendante
jusqu'à 45 cm de long
. Versicolor : fleur verte, blanche puis orange, feuillage velouté
. Versicolor Grand Marnier : fleur pendante orange saumoné
vigueur du Candida Grand Marnier

Versicolor Hybrid
. Charles Grimaldi : jaune or veiné vert pendante de 30 cm
. Ecuador Pink : rose carmin virant rose foncé, fleur pendante
. Herrenhauser Garten : belle fleur double orange vif,
. Lorely Cameleon : fleurs blanches 3 jours puis virent
abricot pendant 4 jours
. Madeira : fleur rose très clair

BRUGMANSIA TIGE (haut 60/90 cm) : 169,00 F (25,76€)
en fleurs ou prêts à fleurir - variétés disponibles :
. Candida Grand Marnier . Insignis
. Aurea Hyb Citronella . Candida Knightii
. Sanguinea . Citronella
. Versicolor x Grand Marnier
D'autres variétés sont disponibles en quantité limitée. Nous consulter.

GROS SUJETS touffe (haut : 60/90 cm) : 129,00 F (19,67€)
. Arborea bleu (pot de 2 litres - Disponible de mai à novembre)
. Insignis . Herrenhauser Garten
. Sanguinea . Citronella

Superb shrub with fast growth and the exceptional flowering strongly scented in summer, autumn then winter and spring in veranda; need for a rich ground; flowers from 25 to 45 cm length
Make your choice among the varieties below:

Quinde: many small white simple flowers, very lengthened and cut out sheets (Exhausted)
Rosabella: hanging flowers intense pink, spiced perfume very particular

Aurea Hybrid
Citronella: yellow white transfering apricot, flowers set up
Culebra: white flowers very cut out
Golden Lady : flowers double average yellows then white, port compact

Flora Pleno Tiara: flowers creams yellow, double
Grand Mariner: yellow apricot, long flowering, flowers set up out of tubes
Knightii: double white, large flowers hanging
Ocre: flowers yellow gold

Goldilocks Apricot: Aurea X Suaveleons X Versicolor, flowers set up orange
Betty Marshall: compact port, white flowers simple
Butterfly: drawn up flowers pink dark with throat yellow
Frosty Pink: flowers pink silver plated very clearly
Goldrichter: yellow in white heart, set up flowers very open
Insignis: (pink Versicolor X Suaveleons): pink with the corollas very open
Orange Insignis: flowers orange
Insignis 90-9: set up flowers pink, very broad
Jean Pasco: large flowers yellow orange
Marrakech: flowers orange/brown
Marie Gerritts: simple flowers white drawn up
Marygold: yellow mimosa, large flowers
Pink Beauty: intense pink, beautiful average flowers set up with the long horns
Rosenrot: pink dark in white heart, flowers simple
Officinalis Indonesia: flowers yellow
Roter Vulkan: red tomato
Sanguinea: very beautiful two-tone set up flowers red and orange, flower well below 20
White Mabre: mixed sheets, white simple flowers set up

Suaveolens Hybrid
Blanc: simple flowers cream-coloured white, set up
Glockenfontaine: pink very clear
Jamaican Yellow: average flowers green then yellow
Pink Delight: green flowers very open then pink at the end
Rosa Uberashung: hanging flowers pink

Lacks: flowers yellow creams then orange
Maya: mixed foliage, hanging flowers orange

Nova: broad flowers pink very clear
Pride of Hanover: large cream-coloured, hanging flowers up to 45 cm length
Versicolor Grand Mariner: orange hanging flowers saumauné strength of Candida Large Mariner

Versicolor Hybrid
Charles Grimaldi: yellow green gold 30 cm length veined hanging
Ecuador Pink: carmine pink transfering pink dark, flowers hanging
Herrenhauser Garten: beautiful flowers double orange sharp
Lorely Chameleon: white flowers 3 days then transfer apricot during 4 days
Madeira: flowers pink very clear

Brugmansia Stem: height 60/90 cm 169 francs in flowers or ready to flower - varieties available:

Candida Grand Mariner
Aurea Hybrid Citronella
Versicolor x Grand Mariner
Candida Knightii
Herrenhauser Garten

Other varieties are available in limited quantity. Us to consult.

Brugmansia formed in stem make it possible to have a flowering practically all the year.

LARGE SUBJECTS (height: 60/90 cm) in tuft 129 francs
Arborea blue (pot of 2 liters) (Available from April to November)
Herrenhauser Garten

Promotion Brugmanisa Variety:

Aurea hybrid Citronella

Small subject 49 francs
Large subject 99 francs

Ordering from this company has been faster than ordering from any other Brugmansia company for me and I live in the USA where there are several nurseries that sell Brugmansia
Hope this helps,

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FSH, TX, (Datura) “Angel’s Trumpet”, Solanaceae (Central and South America). The showy “Angel’s Trumpets” are subtropical evergreen shrubs with huge pendant trumpet shaped flowers, and are placed in the genus Brugmansia (as opposed to Datura, which includes the perennial “Jimson Weed”).
Long cultivated by South American natives, Brugmansias are fast growing plants that need a large space and a large container. Many cultivated species and hybrids grow at high elevations in the Andes, so (like fuchsias) resent warm nighttime temperatures.
For our catalog listings, however, we have chosen cultivars which grow well in warm temperatures. These are among the most colorful and largest flowered plants in our collection, with flowers up to 6" x 15" in white, yellow, orange, apricot and pink that are powerfully fragrant beginning at dusk and cover the plant in cycles throughout the year.
Outdoors, frost will damage their leaves, but the plants will recover from 25° F. and regrow quickly. Hard pruning to control size and shape is recommended and will bring a flush of new growth and heavy bloom on well-fertilized plants.
B. ‘BETTY MARSHALL’ “Compact Angel’s Trumpet” - An unusually compact and floriferous selection bearing single white flowers with spicy-sweet perfume. We have counted over 50 flowers at once on a 4 ft. plant. Possibly a B. suaveolens hybrid. 50342 $6.50

B. x CANDIDA ‘DOUBLE WHITE’ “Double Angel’s Trumpet’ - The only double flowered brugmansia, with large velvety leaves and pendant hose-in-hose double with a sweet musky scent. 50344 $6.50

B. 'CHARLES GRIMALDI’(Schwarz)“Golden Angel’s Trumpet” - An exceptional California hybrid with enormous 15" yellow-orange flowers and strongly recurved petal tips. This hybrid combines the orange flowers of B. ‘Dr. Seuss’ with the warm temperature vigor of B. ‘Frosty Pink’. This outstanding year-round performer is the first hybrid of this color that flowers well in warm temperatures. Wonderful intense fragrance. 50345 $6.50

B. ‘CYPRESS GARDENS’ – New. Huge pendant trumpet shaped white flowers with upturned edges in abundance. 50347 $7.50

B. ‘DR. SEUSS’ - Huge fragrant golden orange flowers in great profusion. A vigorous grower producing a tremendous show of flowers repeatedly throughout the season. 50350 $6.50

(X) ‘FANTASMA’ - NEW. Huge white fragrant flowers split into fantastic ribbons. 50348 $7.50

B. ‘JEAN PASKO’ - Giant golden yellow fragrant flowers with dark edge. Distinctive new cultivar collected in Ecuador. 50357 $6.50

B. x INSIGNIS ‘FROSTY PINK’ “Pink Angel’s Trumpet” (Brazil) - Large salmon-pink flowers with a strong sweet scent plus a vigorous growth habit make this our best pink. Flaring, nodding flowers age to a darker pink and are displayed against large dark green leaves. 50348 $6.50

B. INSIGNIS ‘ORANGE’ “Orange Angels Trumpet” - Very large fragrant flaring light orange flowers produced throughout the season. 50349 $6.50

B. ‘PEACHES & CREAM’ – NEW. Green and white variegated leaves, large fragrant pink flowers. 50351 $8.00

B. SANGUINEA ‘INCA QUEEN’, “Red Angel’s Trumpet” (Andes Mts., Colombia to Chile) - This is a vigorous selection of an unusual montane species that resents warm temperatures and thrives along cool California coastal areas. Narrow orange-red trumpets with yellow veins and a yellow throat and smaller, lobed leaves set it apart from the hybrids. 50355 $8.00

B. SANGUINEA ‘YELLOW QUEEN’ - Bright yellow trumpet flowers adorn this cool growing Andean species. Soft dark green foliage. 50356 $9.50

B. SUAVEOLENS ‘JAMAICA YELLOW’ “Yellow Angel’s Trumpet” - Beautiful lemon yellow flowers with a spicy-sweet fragrance, compact. Very free flowering. 50360 $6.50

B. SUAVEOLENS ‘VARIEGATA’, “Variegated Angels Trumpet” - New. Leaves variegated cream and dusky green. Large fragrant white flowers. 50346 $8.00

B. ‘SUNRAY’ – NEW. Free blooming bright yellow flaring flowers with intense fragrance. 50352 $7.50

B. VERSICOLOR “Apricot Angel’s Trumpet”, Guayaquil Basin, Ecuador - The typical form of this large flowered species, with sweetly fragrant pendant flowers, aging from white to apricot-peach. Both this and following pink form grow well in warm temperatures and low elevations. 50365 $6.50

B. VERSICOLOR ‘ECUADOR PINK’ “Pink Angel’s Trumpet”, So. Ecuador - A rarer pink form of the species, with large pendant flowers aging from white to pastel and medium pink, darker in warmer temperatures. 50366 $6.50

B. VULCANICA - New. Large pink flowers with deeper pink stripes. Cool growing Sanguinea type, dark green foliage. Will not tolerate temperatures above 90°F. 50358 $10.00

BRUGMANSIA COLLECTION - 3 different, our choice: $15.95

For those that can't stand ordering from overseas, this nursery has some nice old hybrids that I just couldn't live without at reasonable prices. I prefer the jamaican suaeolens and the Dr.Sues for fragrance myself and my yard will never be without these 2. Those interested in a few wild versions of sanguinea yellow or red can find them here as well as a wild vulcanicola hybrid which is another species that has been hybridized to get nice reds from. The Vulcanicola "Roter Vulkan" or tree tomato as some call it is a pure red flowered Brugmansia hybrid. Makes one wonder why people refer to the sanguinea as the red Brugmansia when the best red in my oppinion comes from the vulcanicola species of Brugmansia.... for good pictures and great plants. Size is something these plants are not lacking. Good sized plants and great seeds if one specifies a cross between different species or cultivars if these guys have it you can often purchase them direct. A+ company for service and plants
---For great pictures---
The above place also sells Brugmansia and seeds as well. This is an up and coming Brugmansia nursery that has has a few setbacks, but they are very informative. I do tend to disagree with some of the information, but it will do for the average Brugmansia grower.

Loving Brugmansia more every day,

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Petaluma, CA

Thanks for this comprehensive information!


Just trying to be of service. Lol, once you start on the road to Brugmansia you can never turn back. The fragrance is what gets you. Never mind the flowers. I order overseas and find that for those that aren't quite sure what they are doing, remember that all your paying for is the plants, shipping, and a phytosanitary certificate. The extra money spent on a certificate is well worth having your plants in early for someone who can't stand to wait a year or more for those plants in the usa. I like plants within 2 or less weeks after I order them, but thats just me.

Port Huron, MI(Zone 5b)

Thanks so much..I will definitely be making some purchases

Brussels, Belgium

Just thought I would update this list of good places to find Brugmansia for those of us who have to have those European hybrids.

Lee's Summit, MO(Zone 6a)

Hi, both of you. Call me dumb, but how does one know what the prices are for these plants? I can't read any language other than English. Thanks!

Brussels, Belgium

The prices are marked in Euro which right now means you can add about 25% to the cost to figure out your cost in American dollars, plus shipping, etc. These sites are probably of more interest to those overseas like Alan and a few others. Still, its nice to window shop from time to time.

Lee's Summit, MO(Zone 6a)

Oh, OK - I just wondered.

Brussels, Belgium

Alright, I'm back and thinking how do I explain this better. Take Gommer's site for instance. You can click on Brugmansia. Then click on a specific letter group like A. The price will be shown then in Euro. Add 25% or a bit more and you have the cost in American dollars minus shipping costs, etc.

This lists a few more prices... its hard when you can't read another language. Their are of course babelfish and other translators available on the web.

La Grange, TX(Zone 8b)

I've been awfully tempted by those gorgeous blooms. Then reality sets in. Getting the required permits just takes a bit of time. I imagine having to pay for an inspector to view the plant and conditions would run into money when he/she would have to come up from Houston. Quarantine and overwintering might be a problem if I had to keep the new Brugs away even from native trees and shrubs. Cattle are curious creatures so I would have to build an extra strong enclosure for the Brugs and a place to overwinter them. My DH would have a fit. Ohhhhhhh, but they are so beautiful.

St John's, Antigua and Barbuda(Zone 10a)

I am living in the CAribbea - yes lucky me - but the downside is we have hardly any garden nurseries and bringing plants in is very problematic. Are there any sites where I can get seeds and are they really hard to start?

Sugar Land, TX(Zone 9a)

I do have some concerns about people just importing plants. It would be so easy to start some sort of terrible plant die out.

I hope that if people do import plants they do it the legal way with permits, inspections, isolation, etc.

St John's, Antigua and Barbuda(Zone 10a)

Yes but what about seeds???

Watertown, NY

I seeds can leagally be shipped into your country there are many reprtable places where you can buy seeds.

Try He always has a nice selection. This where I got my first brugmansia.

Brooklyn, NY(Zone 7b)

MMM Certificate .. I've got to apply again..Well I started to try.. before .. but somehow I was derailed by the application.. from what I saw volcanacola go for on E-Bay .. I could about go there and bring two back
SO.. how far away from others does the quarentine plant space have to be seems like anything shy of 100 yards is with in hopping range of many insect disease spreaders.. but I so want to try one... seems much cheeper than an expedition also.. but not nearly as much fun..
I wonder if there is a private concern that serves as a assist in the governmental applications,,
Is there any selling of the native types with the heavily shredded leaves I've read of in a few books..

Long Beach, CA

Don't know how I missed this post... excellent!


(Judy) Simpsonville, SC(Zone 8a)

It seems like a lot of trouble to order from Europe, why would you want to do that? I don't see anything on that hod I, site that you can't get here, what am I missing?

Long Beach, CA

Brugmansia ~ Thank you for taking the time to post alternative plant sources.

theraglady ~ JT has a large collection of brugs and seeds but I have never been able to see his site up. You can buy from on Ebay. Some of his seeds are also on BGI.


Long Beach, CA

Quote from scbuttercup :
It seems like a lot of trouble to order from Europe, why would you want to do that? I don't see anything on that hod I, site that you can't get here, what am I missing?

Judy ~ Do you know of a US source for Brugmansia APRICOT GOLDILOCKS and Brugmansia GOLDRICHTER. They look so pretty. I want one of each!!


(Judy) Simpsonville, SC(Zone 8a)

Not sure about those two varieties but if you google around the web or even on DG site I'm sure you will find. If you wait til late fall all the Southern gardeners will be cutting back their brugs for the winter and have lots of wood cuttings to share. I have Ecuador pink, dr Seuss and frosty pink.

(Judy) Simpsonville, SC(Zone 8a)

Oh wait, I see, these two varieties are very rare.

Long Beach, CA

Quote from scbuttercup :
Oh wait, I see, these two varieties are very rare.

Yes they are hard to come by. But I do not have Ecuador pink. If you would like to trade that one for one I have let me know.


(Judy) Simpsonville, SC(Zone 8a)

Yes, indeed! I think you already sent me Dr Seuss for postage. I will be cutting back Ecuador Pink in late fall, want to do an exchange then?'

Long Beach, CA

Yes. We can do that! Right now I am offering a white one for postage too.
Keep in touch!

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