SOLVED: Mom Calls it a Rosary Plant...

Iola, WI

but I haven't been able to identify it from that name. Here's a description:

From the soil: a VERY thin vine that runs 1 to 2 inches to a pair of small leaves. This pattern repeats. The leaves (the mature ones) are heart shaped and about 3/4 inches across. They're medium green and look like they've been 'dusted'.

Any ideas? I've taken several cuttings and will treat them all to some rooting hormone. Most I'll plant straught into the soil and a few in my 'rooting cup'.

Any help in identifying it will be appreciated!


Milo, IA(Zone 5a)

I have always heard it called Rosary Vine. It is easy to root, sounds like you are doing it right. Don't know the latin name.

Latin name: Ceropegia woodii


Iola, WI

Thanks Debby and dave! You're right, it's a Rosary Vine or String of Hearts.

Thanks for the scientific name dave...I found tons of info with it!

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