Dichondra, Kidneyweed 'Silver Falls' (Dichondra argentea)

Brisbane, Australia

Dichondra, Kidneyweed 'Silver Falls'
Dichondra argentea

This Dichondra was planted in a VERY large bowl and allowed to spill over the side. her it is planted with an asortment of Native (Australia) flora.This includes brachyscomb daisy and Dianella . The plant in question has had to be trimmed at the base several times as it grew so fast onto the ground.

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Cochrane, ON(Zone 2b)

That is a very nice planting of Dichondra. Quite impressive.

Castro Valley, CA(Zone 9a)

Herbie, learn something new everyday here! I would never have known you could plant Dichondra this way! Very nice! Annie

Brisbane, Australia

Thanks guys for the positive response!
Dichondra"Silver falls" would have to be one of my very favourite groundcovers!!!!!!.
Only recently (on this site) have i discovered that it originally comes from New mexico.
I thought it was a native of my country.....Australia.
We have the repens form (dark green and grows in the shade), but when the "argentea" form was released about two years ago, no-one could tell me where it stemed from.
Funny thing, the horticultural world, very quick to release something to make a quick dollar, without any idea as to backup info for plants.
I often wonder who is the better plants man(or women). is it the proffesional Nurseryman who brings out new and interesting varieties of plants?
Or is the hardworking gardener at home, who searches in the veins of Indiana Jones for those plants, then finds himself (or herself) having to research detailed information about that plant because the "proffessional" has neglected to provide valuable info for the correct care of the plant.?

Intertesting question...

All the best

Castro Valley, CA(Zone 9a)

I come across this a lot, I do so much research on my plants because even the best of Nurseries have no idea!!! Even online some plants just don't have much info, too bad. I try very hard when putting in a new plant in the plant data files to be as precise as possible, and the best to you, oh how I miss Australia, it was a very expensive trip, but maybe some day.....Annie

Canary Islands. Tene, Spain

hi there

does that gorgeous plant produce seeds ? if not is there anybody that would like to trade a rooted cutting with me ? if so please check my list of seeds at http://www.gardenpassion.net/soloaccion/details3.cfm?recordID=96 I may even be able to send small plants

hope to hear soon from you


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