A Request For Magpye

SC, MT(Zone 5a)

Why don't (or maybe you do and we just don't know it) you pen books, Magpye?

Many years ago, we had a real cowboy who spoke much like you do in your posts and he was encouraged to write a book.

I have a copy of each of his books (small but full of good reading) which are called something like "My Mind's Meanderings" or "The Mind Of A Meandering Cowboy"

I could read them over and over.....and now think I will try to find them among the packed boxes (along with the camera,LOL) to read them once more.

My dad, now deceased, called them 'the best readn' for the throne room' . His favorite place to read, red ring around the bum and all. LOL

I enjoy your posts here so very much and I know that others do too.

You are so in touch with the birds that I know you could write either novelettes or true stories and we would all be interested in reading them.

Think about it.....then when you do...which I hope you will.....we can all say we knew you when. *smile*


Modi'in, Israel

I second that!!!!! :-)

San Augustine, TX(Zone 8b)

And I third that!!! I absolutely adore Magpye!

NW Qtr, AR(Zone 6a)

I jes happened to take one last lil look-peeker at this forum, for the mornin' - afore goin' out to hep the ol coot split some more firewood - to see if there's been any more new posts and some plenney more wunnerful pitters to take a gander-see at - and, bless jessie! - I saw this new thread!

And, my-oh-my - - bleeve it or not - - I jes about dang'd well found mahseff 'almost' speechless !! .. (umm-hmm, tis the truff!)

... Ahhh heavens to betsy, Bell .. I'm just jes all humbly-numbly and plum beside mahself now ... with such an expressively appreciative sortee-warm flushed-blush a goin' on . . .

Bell, Juls, and mydaisy - - You guys are jes much too too sweet .. and are indeed a very special kind of folk to consider myself acquainted with. Your wonderful kindness, lovely sentiments and sweetest lil nudgeroonies .. certainly haint a goin' unnoticed, nor unappreciated !!

And, know .. more than any thing else on the face of this ol earth - that, all of YOU GUYS .. are some true-blue sweetie pies, I tell ya! And thar haint a chance in haydees - that any of you would ever be forgotten !! .. (wellllll, cept to givin' that the 'some-timers' affliction, don't up and mess around to developin' into the 'all-timers' .. or, worse!) .. Now, wood'n'at surely be one mitey swift kick to the old butt-ons !!
.. hee ..

If'n I was ever to master such a craft and pummel a publishin' - - you'd be amongst and betwinx some o'da first'uns to be a spectin' to fetch a komplermintry copy!! ... On account o'yer beins some of them'at keep a rootin' fer, and a spirin' me on ...

Jes sortee makes me a bit more mushy on my insides, and further wonder .. if'n a body is rightly deservin' of such sweet a folk, as you guys .. as my cyber-compadres.

I, am most sincerely and am truly .. so very deeply touched, you guys !!

(( some o'da mos 'gen-u-wine' and warmest .. lil huggerooners to you ))

- Magpye

Modi'in, Israel

Magpye, we're just speaking the truth.... :-)

And hey, don't start giving stuff away! As I heard once long ago (paraphrasing terribly here) "you can't make a living as a barber by cutting hair for free!" :-) I wanna PAY for my book when it comes out! And please DO consider this idea. We'd be rooting for you the whole way. Heck, all you'd have to do to get started would be to go through your old threads and start copying and pasting! You've got a wonderful way with words Mags and we all love reading your posts and stories :-).

Hugs right back atcha!


SC, MT(Zone 5a)

Don't just think about it, Magpye......DO IT!!!

Thanks for your nice words about us but we are serious...!

We think you are pretty special too....obviously. Don't ever stop telling your tales about your adventures...birds, the old coot....and everything else. I search out anything with your name on it.


San Augustine, TX(Zone 8b)

Don't forget the "pitters"!! Love the ones with the "bubbles" over the critters heads!

Mags, you are an original, caring & hilariously funny lady. You always take the time to build up confidence in all of our cyberpals, offering advice and complements. YOU are the inspiration!!

Big hugs,


Lutz, FL(Zone 9b)

Your posts are great fun, your words understandable and picturesque. Add in your pictures and you have a great combo!

Pittsburgh, PA

Well, Magpie - didja do it?

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