Upcoming events #2 in Texas.

in Houston, TX(Zone 9a)

Clear Lake Swap April 30.2005 This a GReat opportunity to convert our friends of GW to become members of DG. Yipeee

I promise you will have a wonderful time. They are a great bunch of people, so come join us at the Clear lake swap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Please let Mary ellen or Margie know if you plan on coming, so they will know how many people to plan for. Thanks!
NASA Road One Park on the Water
Saturday, April 30, 2005
9:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m.

(From I-45 go east, passing Johnson Space Center, then 1 mile. Turn right at the park traffic light)

What is a plant swap meet?
It is a friendly gathering of people who love gardening and bring plant starts, seedlings, seeds, or cuttings to share with other fellow gardeners. No money is exchanged for anything. It all started on the Gardenweb.com forums when fellow gardeners suggested getting together and sharing their plants with other gardeners. All plant starts, seeds, seedlings, and cuttings are given away FREE! (Because of some pre-plant trades on the internet, please be sure to ask at each table before you take anything. They might be holding it for someone else.) You will find all gardeners will be happy to share with you what they have and are VERY generous giving away their plants. You will probably find a Master Gardener there as well, walking around answering questions.

What To Bring:
If this is your very first plant swap meet, you don’t have to bring anything. Just come and see what it is all about. Please be sure to tell everyone there that this is your first plant swap meet. You will see how nice everyone is and how they will make you feel right at home. If you feel you don’t want to come empty handed, follow these guidelines below…

Plants: Most anything you think someone would want ~ it's easier to water the pots the night before the swap so they're moist but not wet when you haul them and trade them (lots lighter, too!)
Seeds: Again, most anything you think someone would want ~ already packaged in easy-to-hand-out, labeled envelopes would be great!
Cuttings: Make sure they are fresh and have at least two nodes on them ~ keep them wrapped in moist (not wet) paper towels in a zip-loc bag in a cool place ~ you may want to make a note of which end is the stem end (end closest to the mother plant) while taking them.
Bulbs, corms, rhizomes, etc.: Try to have them dried and cleaned of most garden soil ~ if you can't, no biggie! Just put them in paper bags so they're easier to handle.
Anything garden related: Most swaps let you bring whatever else you have to trade as long as it's garden related ~ sculpture, crafts, books, etc. ~ just ask to make sure it's okay for the particular swap you're attending. Again, nothing is to have a price tag on it. TRADE or GIVE AWAY ONLY.
Food: We usually have a picnic table set up with food items that the gardeners bring and we snack throughout the swap. Please bring some type of finger food or dessert. Drinks will be provided.

Other Things To Bring:
• Gardening Buddies and Spouses ~ If ya' got 'em, bring 'em! And tell them to bring stuff to swap, too, so they can join in the fun. The more, the better!

Some Things Not To Bring:
• Small Children and Pets…some plants are poisonous and sharp and we do not want children and pets getting hurt. If you must bring them, please watch them at all times. Dogs must be on leashes.
• Beer…the park has an ordinance prohibiting alcohol.

For more information on the CL Plant Swap Meet contact Mary Ellen at [email protected] or Margie at [email protected] or go to www.Gardenweb.com click on Forums and then Texas Gardening (Exchanges)

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