Blue Anise Sage, Brazilian Sage 'Costa Rica Blue' (Salvia guaranitica)

Wilmington, DE(Zone 7a)


That's another awesome Salvia and equally awesome view from your hillside! Wow!!


Nowra, Australia(Zone 10a)

Thanks Joseph,
one of those photos that just worked!!!
The view is from the foothills of the Blue Mountains outside of Sydney, about 1.5 hrs by car, very rural area and my parents place, I have grown a lot of Salvias there in the last 20 years but they are selling up, my collection is gradually moving up to the top of the Blue Mountains, about 1000 metres above sea level. we get snow up here sometimes, but not much (a few centimetres per year!) but my Costa Rican Blues in pots survived and have come back well.

Thumbnail by garygardener
Wilmington, DE(Zone 7a)

You must have been in a panic when the snow fell, Gary! I'm happy for you that your prized salvias made it through the freeze!

3 more months of cold weather to go for me!


Castro Valley, CA(Zone 9a)

Great pictures, glad they made it!!!! What a beautiful Salvia, Annie

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