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Pittsfield,, MA(Zone 5b)

It's great to see so many non professionals enjoying bonsai..... I am addicted!!! I have over 50. some tropical, some semi and some cold weather ones. I have killed a few but have a reasonably high success rate. This one I won in a raffle for #2 about 7-8 years ago. It is a seju elm and it spends the winter indoors. This photo was taken in 1999. It is a magnificent plant. I have a scheffelera that was a good sized tree that is now in a bonsai pot about 12 inches wide. The root system in fantastic. Took me 5 or so years to 'shrink' it. The only trouble with bonsai is that it makes taking a vacation difficult. My kids are all grown and now I have to hire a plant sitter!!! I have also gotten brave enough to leave hardier plants out until around the first of the year and then put them in the hatchway until Feb or March when I bring them into the 55 degree lighted room in my cellar

PS Just took a good look at the attached photo...Will take a new one soon. This doesn't do the plant any justice!!!

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Crossville, TN(Zone 7a)

From what I can tell, that is a really nice bonsai!
Will be awaiting more pictures.
I recently potted up a live oak tree- trying my hand at grafting another one to it because it has nice lines that way.
It's going to be Mame in a 3-4 inch blue ceramic pot.

(Linda) Winfield, KS(Zone 6a)

I need to know how to prune a bougainvillea bonsai? I want to get it to start looking like a bonsai, it is growing and I keep trimming back all the long vines, but I am sure I am not doing it right. Can you give me any pointers.
Here is a picture of mine but of course since it was taken it has grown a lot.


Pittsfield,, MA(Zone 5b)

As promised here are some new pictures of the Bonsai I first uploaded. It is a Seju Elm that I won for $2 raffle ticket at the greenhosue I belong to, I've had it about 10 years. It summers outside and winters in an East window on my desk. Oops wrong picture. this one is a ficus that winters on my dining room table

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Pittsfield,, MA(Zone 5b)

Here's the Seju Elm

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Pittsfield,, MA(Zone 5b)

And this is the trunk and root system of the elm

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Manhattan Beach, CA(Zone 11)

Linda, why don't you ask 'haighr'? No doubt you have seen his post

Hope, BC(Zone 7a)

That Elm is gorgeous!! Great job....It's my dream to have a bonsai as beautiful one day..(Hopefully one that I can create myself...) It's scary though, thinking of all of the years of work that go into them..
I have a little contorted willow that I am trying to keep small as long as possible, so far it is doing ok, but it's only year two..
I am also starting two small burning bush (eunymus? eunemys?LOL I can't think of how to spell that one right now...) Anyway, I have seen some really pretty bonsai done with those, with fall color to boot!

Lomita, CA(Zone 10a)

Oh, I never thought of using burning bush! I should take a few cuttings from mine and root them! Great idea!

Pittsfield,, MA(Zone 5b)

I was working in the garden at work and found a horse chestnut that had just germinated.... Gonna pot it up and see what happens...Hopefully in my lifetime!!!! Am getting anxious to get stuff outside. My 'outside' bonsai go into the cold cellar for several months but I pulled them out in March and now they're fully leafed and requireing LOTS of water, Next year maybe I can be more patient (Fat chance)

Pittsfield,, MA(Zone 5b)

Went to Bonsai West Friday..... Bought some real beauties. Will upload photos when I get a minute. They're having a big sale though Wednesday I think...In store only.... So if you live in the area, play hooky from work and check them out. You won't regret it!

Lewisburg, KY(Zone 6a)

My daughter really admires the bonsai trees. I am a perennial person. Does anyone use Japanese maples for bonsai. I know this sounds like a newbie question. What is some good dependable plants and maybe a good link to help her out.

Manhattan Beach, CA(Zone 11)

Japanese Maples are very popular.

Pittsfield,, MA(Zone 5b)

Again, back to Bonsai West.... They have a little downloadable book called "Ask Dr. Bonsai" which is very good. I have several other excellent books but I highly recommend this for a beginner and those of us who consider ourselves somewhat beyond beginner....

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Lewisburg, KY(Zone 6a)

Thanks for the links. It contains lots of needed info.

Bandung, Indonesia

Do you have any comments about this bonsai - one of Bonsai Star Gallery ([[email protected]]) collections?

Species : Phylantus Neruri (Cendrawasih)

Style : Slenting

Height : 28 cm

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Pittsfield,, MA(Zone 5b)

Am off to Bonsai West again this weekend....their annual sale and I NEED a cotoneaster. Notice the emphasis on 'NEED" Actually I need another bonsai sort of like I need a hole in the head but it's worth the trip just to meander amongst the trees at Bonsai West

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