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Poison Bulb, Grand Crinum Lily, Spider Lily (Crinum asiaticum)

Brooksville, FL(Zone 9a)

Poison Bulb, Grand Crinum Lily, Spider Lily
Crinum asiaticum

Crinum asiaticum, Grand Crinum Lily, Spider Lily Growing near Brooksville, FL - Feb 2005

Thumbnail by onalee
Conyers, GA

I have just uploaded a picture of My Crinum Lily hopefully to be posted soon. My leaves are the same or similar but my flowers are not the same white spider looking type. I hope I havent misidentified my plant. My flowers are dark fuscia trumpet shaped. This website is very cool. I moved into my home last November and our yard this spring/summer has been one surprise blooming plant after another.

The picture I uploaded was to the Crinum Lily page... should have done it here too.

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Brooksville, FL(Zone 9a)

Hi Jbyrd,
I think that your plant is probably this crinum, not a spider lily crinum:

There are literally 100's of types of crinum lilies, so it sometimes takes some research to correctly idenfity them. You can always post photos to the 'identification' forum for help, there are always lots of folks checking that forum to help ID plants.

You should have your photo moved either to that other crinum above or have it removed until you can get it positively identified on the ID forum. they can help with all your other SURPRISE blooms, too!



Conyers, GA

Wow, Thanks... Someone else responded to my picture with the same answer. I am learning alot from this webpage.

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