Variegated & Green leaf on Kerrii

Mesa, AZ(Zone 9a)

I found another hoya with two different leaves. My reversed hoya kerrii has one solid green leaf. Usually the leaves are variegated from the time they start to grow, but not this one. The green leaf is also shaped differently.


Thumbnail by ACsAgapePlants
Baltimore, MD(Zone 7a)

Hi, AC,

I don't think what you have there is a Hoya at all! I think it is a variagated peperomia!

Mesa, AZ(Zone 9a)

Gitagal, no it is a variegated hoya that I have:-).


Denver, CO

I agree it is a H. kerri. I also have a H. kerrii varigated after about 30 varigated leaves the rest have turned to green. I was wondering if they are not like the H.krimson queen & H. krimson princess were if the green leaves are not cut off it turns to a H. carnosa?

Shepherdstown, WV

My reverse-variegated kerri is reverting to green as well. It did nothing for the first year or so I had it, then this past summer it put out about a 4 foot vine and the leaves have just been forming in the last month. So far all look like they will be total green....


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