Are we good weatherwise f/bulb planting??

Aurora, TX(Zone 8a)

Hiya, I'm in Trophy Club, west of Grapevine. Are we good for planting caladium and hosta bulbs yet?? I don't want to stick them in too early, but the hostas are sprouting!

Thanks anybody!


San Antonio, TX(Zone 8b)

I'm usually optimistic, but somehow I'm really expecting a late freeze this year. But if the bulbs go in now, there likely won't be foliage above ground for several days, so you could protect the area with a thick temporary mulch for protection insurance.

Plano, TX(Zone 8a)

You are fine to plant the hostas but way, way too early for caladiums. The caladiums will not do anything until the ground is warm enough, so the bulbs are likely to rot or be eaten. All of the good nurseries in town will always tell you not to plant caladiums before May 1st. Planting them early will not give you any sort of head start. If you want and if you have room, you could start them inside now and then move them out later.

Conroe, TX(Zone 9a)

mkj, you need to wait on the caladiums until night temps are consistantly in the 60's. I know, it's hard to wait.

Aurora, TX(Zone 8a)

Ahh, you're SO right, Maggiemoo!! I'm chomping at the bit! =0


p.s. by the way, I heeded at advice, and ONLY planted my sprouting hostas. I'm trying not to think about my caladiums in February! ;-)

Conroe, TX(Zone 9a)

One of the guys I work with lives in Huntsville, just 30 miles north of me. For years he and his mother and sisters have gone in together ordering their caladium bulbs from a source in FL, and they always look fantastic (actually stops traffic!) He's the one who pointed out that 60 degree rule to me, and we were both saying last week how much we want our caladiums NOW!

It's a real shame that we are so lucky to be able to garden actively 10 or even 11 months out of the yr, and yet we are so impatient for our blooms. Imagine if we were living where they won't be considering Spring for another month or so! Oy! :-)

But, I do have roses blooming (Ducher and Knockout), some poppies, delphinium, four-nerve daisies, and sweet peas. I shouldn't be complaining.

Aurora, TX(Zone 8a)

Oh, I have Knockout too.......isn't it wonderful??! Got it at Chamblee's in Tyler during the rose festival--great time! Mine's not blooming yet though......I'll have to go grumble at it, "Maggiemoo's IS, so what's the problem--don't you want to be like everybody else?!" lol

You're right; we're such ingrates. Others are knee deep in snow, and I'm pouting about having to wait on my spring planting, you know, 'til at least March. ;-)


Conroe, TX(Zone 9a)

"'til at least March"

ROTFL. Yes! Oh no, we have to wait a whole week!

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