Xeriscaping for Containers-

Cincinnati (Anderson, OH(Zone 6a)

Hi, everybody---Was looking for container planting ideas and came across this link for drought tolerant container plants--


that gives, I think, beginners like me some good ideas for xeriscaping container plants...I was especially interested in the bulbs that they recommended which I would not have thought of...(would like to try some in Strawberry pots)...

and thought maybe others would be interested... t.

Bakersfield, CA(Zone 9a)

Thank you for the link T, some great info in there. Just moved to a house that has enough dirt for my near 80 potted plants that once surrounded a concrete backyard. An empty pot is an unhappy pot. I like the idea of a potted shrub garden.

Albuquerque, NM

I just checked out that link....interesting that they would suggest Sea Holly and Thistles for pots. I have both in my garden and Sea Holly has an exceptionally long taproot. I can't imagine it being happy in a pot! Once planted they don't want to move!

Bismarck, ND

Tahnks for posting this link. I am presenting a program on Xeriscape Gardening for our local garden club this spring and I hadn't even thought of including container gardening but this will give me great info on that subject also. I agree about the Sea Holly and thistles, although here they would last for only one season, unless we brought them inside to winter, so it might not be an issue. Seems like it would be a waste of money for one season, though.

Polkton, NC(Zone 7b)

Great info,

Providence, RI(Zone 6b)

What a great article. I was especially interested in the container gardening part. I have dichondra 'Silver Falls' that I would like to use in a container planting of annuals and will check the article again for companions. Maybe a silver/white combination?

(Sheryl) Gainesboro, TN(Zone 6b)

Mmmm - I love that plant (the silver Dichondra). I've had absolutely no luck with it, but I think that's a zonal thang. I think it shows off *anything*,

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