Why is my corn so short???

Fort Mill, SC(Zone 7b)

my corn is barely waist high (no I'm not a giant :-)) and is tasselling already. It has been watered almost every day. I have sliver queen and sweet yellow. The sweet was planted later and seems to be ok. But the silver queen is short. It's also turning brown at the bottom. this is a new garden. We moved last year so the soil probably isn't the best but we're working on it. The soil at top is very red and hard while at the bottom end of the garden is sodt and dark. The garden slopes down to this soil. the silver queen is in the red clay soil. Any ideas or suggestions?

Santa Barbara, CA

Sounds like the Silver Queen became stresses early and maybe often: lack of nitrogen, too much water, too little water, nematodes, corn root grubs, etc. Too late this year to correct the problem but next year be prepared to prepare well the red clay with lots of good organic soil amendments and maybe a good cover crop over winter to protect the soil from the elements.

Murfreesboro, TN(Zone 7a)

Ginnie, welcome to DG! My corn has done something similar - I planted "Sugar Buns" which admittedly only gets to about 5', but the first planting is sending up tassles after reaching ~ 4' (which is MORE than waist high to me, LOL!)

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