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SOLVED: flower of p. edulis flavicarpa?

Palmyra, VA(Zone 7a)

Flower of what appeared to be Passiflora edulis flavicarpa.
Leaves and fruit can be found at .

Any idea if I'm right or wrong?

Thumbnail by Tim

Sorry Tim, I have nothing to contribute here, but I wanted to congratulate you on a nice method of taking this picture.

I love how you took 4 different angled shots and then combined them in one photo. That's nice! I'm going to do that next time I have a photo I need identified.


Crestview, FL(Zone 7b)

Removed by member request

Palmyra, VA(Zone 7a)


I used the software that came with my camera (Olympus) to view the pictures. I cut and paste from it to Windows paint and line them up. SInce paint can only save it in .bmp format, I cut it and paste it to any program that can save in .jpg.

Surrey, United Kingdom(Zone 8b)

Hi again folks
Looks very like flavicarpa to me
both with regard to flower, fruit, leaves & not self pollinating.

Palmyra, VA(Zone 7a)

Hi Myles,
Thank you!

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