Sometimes I wish.....

Paris, TX(Zone 8a)

...That I didn't have a conscience.

My husband and I were in Dallas yesterday, looking for interesting pots for my plants. We stopped by Home Depot (they have a bigger one than we do), and I was looking at the plants. I saw a wondering jew there that I loved. I have two purple ones, but this was a green with some cream color verigation in the leaves. it was so beautiful, but I wasn't in the market for houseplants, so I just was admiring it from afar. I glanced down, and sort of to the side, and guess what I saw....two or three vines had fallen from the plant. Now I had a very strong desire to pick them up, take them home, and see if I could root them....the other part of me....the conscience...said "No! That's stealing. Leave them there." So I did. Darn it!! I thought about asking someone if we could have them, since they would, most likely, end up being thrown away. The reason I didn't, is because I was afraid they would think I did it, and make me buy the whole plant. Don't get me wrong. If it were in my budget, I would have been happy to buy the plant, but it wasn't.

Now I'm hating myself. I know they just ended up throwing those vines out. Why didn't I just ask if I could have them? Why am I afraid of people? Oh well, so I end up missing out......

Houston, TX(Zone 9a)

I used to think exactly as you do! I never took anything from anywhere without paying for it!! But places like Home Depot actually will give you the broken off pieces. Their going to be thrown away and never have a chance! Your actually doing a service to the plant and to others by either taking the broken cuttings or just asking for them!!!
Think of the plants as abused little animals that either were abandoned or ran away from their owners. Would you just leave that starving abused little "kitten" on the side of the road, because it might belong to someone? No, I'd hope not. I would want to help that animal at least have a good chance of growing up and making someone happy!!! I feel your doing the same thing by asking if you can have the broken pieces of plants! I go to my local Home Depot and pick up all of my seed starting trays and plastic nursery containers. I asked along time ago, if I could have the seed trays and pots that were in the trash and just laying around. The garden dept. manager said, "Absouletely!" Trust me they don't care if you take this stuff home!!!

Burleson, TX(Zone 8a)

And more than likely the people who are working there don't care! The majority of the time they aren't gardeners themselves and have no idea that what you've taken could even be rooted.

Paris, TX(Zone 8a)

Ooooohhh! Now I'm really mad at myself. I haven't seen this color of wandering jew anywhere...and there were some perfectly good cuttings on the floor....I could have saved them. next time, I won't think twice about asking...or even just taking. I must admit, that asking would make me feel better.

And no...I would absolutely not leave a poor neglected kitten at the mercy of the world. I'd scoop it right up, and either take it with me. The poor cuttings...*sniff*

Burleson, TX(Zone 8a)

Don't worry, there will be many broken pieces of that Jew in the future. Just grab it up without a second thought. If you get caught act like you were going to the trash can. ;) lol I've got both purple and green jew in my bed. If you chicken out I can send you a piece of mine, unless this is a different green you are looking at.

Paris, TX(Zone 8a)

It's green and cream verigated leaves. I don't know when our next Dallas trip will be. Hopefully it won't be gone by the time we get back. I have two purples, but had never seen the green. I knew it existed, just never seen it.

Next time you trim, I'd love cuttings from your green one. I'm still new to gardening, and I don't have much to trade. All I may be able to offer is pothos if it roots by then.

Houston, TX(Zone 9a)

I'll tell you what jdee, when I go to Home Depot this week, I'll look for that wandering jew and I'll ask it if or any of it's branches would like to visit you! I've send people plants in the mail all the time!


Paris, TX(Zone 8a)

That would be very nice of you. Thanks so much.

Burleson, TX(Zone 8a)

My green isn't growing yet, but I'll be happy to send you some if Randy doesn't. Just let me know. ...I lied, I looked out and can see it coming up so it shouldn't be too long.

Richmond, TX(Zone 9a)

jdee, I saw the pretty plant you're talking about in a catalog and they wanted $7 for a 2" pot. I have not seen that plant in our Houston HD. In fact, I was gallivanting yesterday and the only thing they had was veggies and marigolds. I was ready to buy, with nothing interesting to be had.

Dallas, TX(Zone 8a)

I went to the new HD by my house on Sunday just for some drainage rocks. I walked in and did my "drive by"move where I put my hands on either side of my eyes, thus forcing myself to keep my focus straight ahead. All the while I say to myself "you are not here to buy plants, you are not here to buy plants." But, I peeked. :) They had LOTS of stuff out. I don't know if it's because it's a new store or what, but I have never seen a selection like the one they have at this garden center. And the plants are all so healthy! The only thing that kept me from buying was the fact that I spent $100 on mulch and rocks this weekend. I hate spending $ on that stuff, but I gotta have it. Anyway, I finally conceded to my husband that my garden "budget" should not be the amount of credit I have on all of my credit cards. Ha! So now that I have agreed to be "cash basis" and let up on the plastic a bit, I have to be careful about what I buy. Darn!

Modi'in, Israel

Huh? Jamie, you mean that we actually have to pay MONEY for all the stuff we put on our plastic? I thought it was all free so long as we use plastic at the check out counter! Sheesh, no wonder DH grits his teeth everytime I come in the house with greenery ;-) ROTFL


Lindsay, OK(Zone 7a)

At my HD I have "saved" several plants from their trash bins. They really dont care if I ask and let them know I want it for my compost - and hey if it lives all the better! They sit the bins under the plants in big buckets so you have to look a little but it is worth it.

Paris, TX(Zone 8a)

Jamie, this was the Home Depot in Mckinney, by Petsmart and Michaels. The had a huge variety of plants, and all very healthy looking. Of course, when we looked at our HD the next day, they didn't even have half the stuff, we saw in Mckinney. Ours really isn't the greatest HD around. If you happen to catch them when they get the new plants in, wonderful, but it doesn't take long for them to look tired, and neglected....but this is Paris.....

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