Brugmansia's Brugmansia Hybrid Cuttings

Newberry, FL(Zone 8B)

Thanks to Brugmansia, who so kindly worked out a deal with me, have cuttings of some of his hybrids for those so adventurous to trade in the summer. I need to do a little cutting, so now seems a good time. Unknown colors, i believe mainly dr suess/frosty pink cross. Brugmansia, need help here.

Brugmansia, was great to meet you. You should publish a book!


From the crosses I sent you. I had a suberb yellow that resembles a versicolor cut off at the bottom and shoved back in the calyx so as to cause it to split about half way. Flower size is larger than the dr.sues, but resembles it to some extent. Most notibly the long tendrils. The last inch or two of the flower fades to a light orange on the outside while the inner two inches is a darker orange. The edge is sometimes edged in a vibrant pure orange as well.
Some of my other Dr.Sues hybrids start out white, hang down 2 feet from the insertion point in the fork of the tree and then unfold into a mere 4 or 5 inch flower that slowly changes to an Ecuador pink type color with more of a funnel shape. Of course, Frosty pink throws out tons of whites as well, but the whites are good for hybridizing as those have recessive pinks and yellows in them and are excellent for pollen and seed setting. My frosty pink hybrids all seem to be early bloomers, extremely floriferous, and the pollen is good on those hybrids even when my other hybrides fail to produce any pollen in the warmer months. Good hybrids to breed with if nothing else for that reason. I have quite a few small bell shaped hybrids from those crosses as well. Petite solid whites, but don't let that fool you, there are colors in them thar genes. Just have to cross one more time to get them out. Ahh, the yellow gold Dr. Sues hybrid of mine, well thats one of my favorites, just wish it had serrated leaves as well like its dad...hmm, well that and my peach Dr.Sues hybrid...both unusuall for one reason or another. Definitly something valuable for a hybridizer. I would like to cross most of those particular hybrids back to a pink, yellow, and or a white aurea hybrid just to bring out a bit more of the aurea characteristics. I personally like the smaller flowers on the Brugmansia, but so many like those big blooming types. I find that the bigger the flower the more they wilt in the heat of the day and I like a flower that retains its shape during the day and not just at night. Long tendril length is also a must with me. I especially like long tendrils that curl and loop tightly on each other at the ends. Kind of looking like the end of a tightly wrapped spring at the end. Yes, I do realize that characteristic is found on some flowers and not all flowers on the hybrids they occur on, but it is still something I shoot for. Arlene, I think you are going to love your hybrids. As for the named varieties I gave you. I believe I gave you a versicolor alba, Candida species-double to triple, isignis pink, frosty pink suaveolens, jamaican yellow, candida pink rapture- candida pink rapture has serrated leaves and an aurea calyx, and I can't honestly remember what else. Ahh, a pink Isabella for sure, yes I know I gave you some of that one.
hope that helps Arlene

Newnan, GA(Zone 8a)

Arlene, I did miss this!!!! But I didn't have anything to trade worthy of them at the time anyway:) Maybe this fall we can compare and trade for what we each don't have!!

Newberry, FL(Zone 8B)

TIG, hope we can trade cuttings. don't think i am very good with words. the DH used to say i was like walter matthau, i didn't say funny things, i said things funny. TIG, i am sure you have loads of good stuff to trade...the best part of trading when i started last year was/is the stuff i never heard of before... brugs for one thing....
would love to trade cuttings in the fall, and am very glad you have some new babies coming to take care of.

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