WANTED: Ostrich fern

Anna, IL(Zone 6b)

I am looking for hardy Ostrich ferns ... as many as possible to place in a shady woodland area. If you have plants or even if you have spores and can tell me how to propogate them, please let me know. While I am still trying to get together my list for trades, if you will email me with your wants, I am sure that I can find something that you are looking for. Happy Gardening!

Bay City, MI(Zone 6a)

i bought 20 different ferns off ebay..for .85 a piece. really nice ones. all i did was punch fern into ebays search.
i luv them. im not sure what kind they are.

Philadelphia, PA(Zone 6b)


Ferns (Garden and Indoor)
The fern spore needs a fine film of moisture over which to swim in order to complete the process of reproduction, therefore a good peat compost, such as Levington, ought to be used pressed down very firmly and which is a lot more moist than one would normally have it in order to provide the moisture film. The spore (seed) should be sprinkled close together on the surface of the soil and not covered and the container should be covered with a piece of glass and placed in diffused light, but not darkness. It is essential to ensure that the compost remains moist at all times. Germination which commences with the appearance of a film of green jelly over the soil can take anything from 1 -5 months.

You may wish to try germinating the fern spore on blotting paper which is placed in a saucer and kept moist at all times. A transparent cover is inverted over the saucer and the whole lot placed in a well lit but not sunny position. You can actually see the fern spores developing and when you can see small plantlettes appearing along the jelly the blotting paper should be lifted and placed on the surface of a container of Levington compost and watered well. It should then be covered with a transparent cover which can remain there until the plants are quite large.

Compliments of Thompson and Morgan Database.

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